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Articles: Education/Training
Principles for Principals
- Mr. T.R.Sridhar Prasad. Uppalapati.
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The mushroom growth of private educational institutions, especially schools and colleges for the last 15 to 20 years has increased the demand for dynamic and hard working persons to work as Principals, both academic and administrative. The role of a principal has become more challenging due to the heavy competition from ever growing corporate educational institutions. For eg : In Andhra Pradesh in general and in Hyderabad in particular, in most of the schools and colleges, a principal has to take the responsibility of increasing the enrolments of students too. It has become more challenging for the management(the owners of educational institutions) too to get highly qualified, experienced, and hardworking person to work as a principal. Some times the employers have to settle down with inferior persons, (who do not know the basic duties of a principal) due to the non-availability of highly skilled persons for the salay / emoluments fixed by the management, which will affect the quality of education. Some employers compromise with the persons who are willing to work for lower salaries, and they work under the guidance of management as most of such candidates do not have even a basic degree in education. In some private schools the management takes most of the decisions and in such cases the role of principal becomes a mere spectator! and the principal has to dance according to the tunes of the management. The person appointed as a principal should remember that the purpose of appointing him as a principal is for the 'over all development' of the institution and he should have the quality of 'getting things done'. The following are the some of the functions of a principal / head master for effective education. 1. Acquaintance with the rules and regulations of a board / university under which he/she works, for eg: the rules of CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE etc and following them in true spirit. 2. Selecting the best teachers from the available pool. The principal should take personal care in selecting effective teachers, as against the practice of selecting teachers solely by the management by neglecting the required norms and thus may effect the output. The principal should see that the lessons are completed according to the plan and he should check the classes surprisingly to check whether teacher teaches according to the teaching plan. The management should give freedom to principals in taking some important decisions related to school's improvement / development, after checking their credibility, without freedom the principal can hardly show his/her efficiency.

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