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Chiranjeevi's soft skills
- Mr. S.S.J.Rama Phani Challa
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The icon of post-globalisation politics has arrived at last. Chiranjeevi, popularly known as 'Chiru' to his fans and well wishers, finally put the curtains of suspense down and plunged into the world popular corrupt politics of Andhra Pradesh, which is one of the largest and alphabetically first state in India. Two hands only can create claps. If the other side is not in a confrontational mode, no one can do anything. The days of 'verbal duel' and 'provocative' politics are not possible with Chiranjeevi kind of politician. He has proved this with his 'entry' speech into politics. He has not criticized anybody. Moreover, he has given 'ideal' speech with his own 'ideas' with the idealism inspired by globally well known Social icons like Mother Theresa, B.R.Ambedkar, Mahatma Jyoti Rao Phule. He has praised the matinee-idol turned politician Dr.N.T.Rama Rao as his ideal and declared that Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, former President of India inspired his entry into politics. National level political parties in India like Congress and BJP are very much concerned about the entry of Chiranjeevi into Politics as it may impact adversely on their vote bank. Incidentally, may be these are the days of Politicians who believe in Hanuman globally and locally also. Barack Obama is carrying the symbol of Hanuman with him during all his Presidential campaign and poised to become President of USA. Chiranjeevi, who started a new party called 'PRAJA RAJYAM' in Andhra Pradesh, India, is also a staunch devotee of Hanuman. Who knows, he may become Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh after the coming elections. Chiranjeevi has projected himself as one of the most 'democratic' politician, which endeared him to the people who like the style of living life with 'Soft Skills'. He has asserted that he knows the pulse and problems of farmers and he too did farming and his father got five acres of farming land. He also projected himself as 'apostle of solutions' to all the social problems. He asserted that he will find out a solution to all the social and political evils with the consensus from all the 'learned' politicians joining him and also with due scientific studies and methods. Post-globalisation, in the wake of the advent of IT industry in India which has created uproar across the globe grabbing the jobs of even Americans, Indian Managers are full of soft skills with their humble presentation of themselves to the world. Indian Managers are much in demand worldwide because of their exceptional soft skills or familial skills, which they imbibed with their disciplined upbringing with ethics, values and morals of Indian Society. Chiranjeevi represents these kinds of Managers who is able to manage soft-entries into hard waters of politics. Chiranjeevi has successfully managed his 'grand' entry into politics with a simple press meet. Chiranjeevi represents this class of middle class who are ambitious, smart working not hard working, positive, proactive, progressive, flamboyant and ideal in their presentation to the public. This very attractive and most sought after demanding quality of post-globalisation has reflected in the speech of Chiranjeevi while introducing himself to the public as well as old generation of politicians. Three decades of Chiranjeevi's experience in the glamour world also helped him to present himself as the most civilized and sober politician of new age. Chiranjeevi has initiated an eventful entry into the world of politics by creating a benchmark with his 'signature speech', which has stunned the old age politicians who always indulged themselves in confrontational and mud-slinging politics for more than six decades. Chiranjeevi's soft skills are so hard that even Congress leaders are directing their cadre not to criticize him, as he is not in critical mode.

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