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Hungry to serve...?
- Mr. T.R.Sridhar Prasad. Uppalapati.
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Hungry to serve or for power? Democracy is one of the best forms of governance and is defined as the system of government where the will of the people prevails. According to Abraham Lincoln, the democracy is a form of government, by the people, of the people and for the people. If politicians are greedy and involve in wrong means to come to power, democracy hardly survives. The state of Andhra Pradesh is extremely fortunate in having many political parties with different agendas. In recent years there are many prominent people who excelled in their respective professions launched political parties to serve people through political leadership. The competition among many political parties will make people to think and may lead to a better choice. Such a competion among political parties will also lead to the development of the state in all spheres. In no other State in India such a huge competition can we see among political parties to serve people. Recently launched political parties : In addition to the existing political parties like INC, TDP, BJP, CPI-M, CPI-L, the following new political parties emerged in Andhra Pradesh. 1. Prajarajyam party by Chiranjeevi, 2. Nava telangana praja party by an ex TDP minister, Devender goud, 3. Loksatta by an ex IAS officer, Jayaprakash narain, 4. Actress Vijayasanthi's party (Talli Telangana Party), exclusively for a separate telangana. 5. Laxmi parvathy's party (NTR-TDP), who claims that her's is the real TDP, etc. Service orientation or power hungry? Some people opined that if Chiranjeevi is really interested in serving people, there are many ways to do so like the way he has been doing through his blood and eye banks. Is he in a hurry to leave the film industry and to become a chief minister to show to the world that Kapus are also on par with Kammas and Reddys?. He could have started an NGO in a big way for the social and economic development of our State. Chiranjeevi is also confident that he has a tremendous fan base, by utilising the same base, he would have started world class schools and hospitals. Is it a political war among the kammas, Reddys, Kapu's etc. for power or a real struggle to develop the State of Andhra Pradesh? or both? Similarly, the loksatta founder Jayaprakash Narain, some opined that he could have done more service to people in the civil service rather than educationg the people now (he conducted several educative programmes like Pratidvani, writing several articles in eenadu, the economic times etc) and contesting in the elections. Many civil services examination aspirants too say that the civil services is one of the best ways to serve people.

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