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Reality is not something out there, but a process in which our conciousness is an essential part. Schools are poor educationally but good agents of society. Somehow, we have managed to transform one of the most rewarding of all activities (education or learing )into a painful, boring, dull, fragmenting, mindshrinking, soulshivering experince. Experience keeps a dear school, yet fools will learn in no other. Participation and commitment fall off in larger groups; mobility suffers; leadership doesnot develop naturally but is manipulative and political. Let him be kept from paper, pen and ink; so may he cease to write and learn to think. Over bureaucritization. Bureaucracies have no soul, no memory and no conscience. Education is a system in which one w(t)astes one fourth of one’s life to learn how to w(t)aste the remaining three fourths of life Any subject could be taught effectively and in an intelliectually honest form to any child, regardless of his stage of development. Discussions on the cruciality of watching oneself in ones relationships with the other human beings and Nature form an important aspect of school work. Disciplene is substituted for the internal drive to learn… to be a part of culture. Learning is man’s way of growing, maturing, and evolving It is natural to long for stability in a universe of change, to try to pin things down and fix them. But it cannot be done. The whole of nature is a flux as so is the whole of the life of man, and we might as well accept the fact. It is not really much good clinging to the bank, we have to push out into flux and swim. overstructuring— which does not allow for play at every point in the educational process The sexual drive and the learing drive are (if one can measure the relative strengh of such disparate urges), very close to each other in the power theyl exert over men’s lives. insures the survival of the species; it is not essential to the survival of the individual, whereas learning is absolutely necessary to insure the survival of the individual, and the culture and the species. I learnt most not from those who taught me, but from those who talked with me. Play is not only crucial to learning but (unlike other drives) is its own reward. School is much concerned that the learnes should study meaning fully and with serious application to improve their knowledge and grasp of their chosen subjects. They, at that age should have developed the necessary learning skills to study of their own interest and passion, but school do find that some of them have lacunae, which require individual attention. Group size is not everything, but it is significant. Those who cannot sit still are stuck with the hyperactive label and treated as anomalies and frequently drugged. But how long can we go on this way? If you cannot hold children in your arms, please hold them in your heart. Environment can be changed and improved under certain limits by the application of collective intelligence and efforts. Exclusive attention for one topic for a considerable time I cannot learn to decide…. if you make my decisions,…. I cannot learn to be myself…. if you tell me what to be, let me choose what I must learn. Education is the deliberate and systematic influence, exerted by the mature person upon the imature through instruction, discipline and harmonious development of physical, intellectual aesthetic, social and spiritual powers of human being according to individual and social need directed towards the union of the educand and his creator as the final end. But how long can we go on this way?

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