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Renuka, Brinda..
- Mr. Kiran Kumar Indukuri
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In a Democratic country, police should be implementing laws. There is no justification for anyone to take law into their own hands. Period. Mangalore pub incident is a perfect example of selective sensitivities. Renuka is in a frenzy and has called upon youth for pub bharo. It was supposed to draw inspiration from Gandhiji’s jail bharo. Wow, Gandhiji must be so happy to see his legacy continued. Where were the liberal Renuka, Brinda when Taslima Narseen was attacked by MIM activists in Hyderabad? Their stunning silence is appalling and definitely raises doubts about their sincerity. Both seem to take up issues, that are politically right, and go overboard portraying themselves as liberal and democratic. MIM threatened to implement the fatwa of death sentence against Taslima. Where was Mr.Chidambaram then? On the other hand, he loses no time in calling Ram Sene, a threat to the country for the Mangalore pub incident. It is amusing to see Renuka’s concern about ‘Talibanization’ and Brinda Karat’s concern about 'Hindutvaisation' of the whole culture. What do these leaders think about the people of India? Do they think, that if they handpick incidents involving Hindu groups, and selectively portray them as blots on the society, they can get away with it? Were Renuka and Brinda in hibernation, when Taslima Nasreen was thrown out of India by Muslim fundamentalists? There is an undeniable pattern here. When Taslima is thrown out, it is about assuaging Muslim sentiment. Instead of protecting Taslima Nasreen, the Cong Government instead files a case on Taslima Nasreen for ‘hurting’ Muslim sentiment. When MF Hussain is honoured, it is about art and freedom of expression (Hindu sentiments, do they exist?). When a bunch of hooligans, attack a pub, it becomes a blot on democracy, and break down of law and order. India needs leaders that have sound and impartial judgement, and are sincere. Renuka and Brinda you are not definitely one of them.

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