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- Mr. ramu vidyarthi veluri
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The snow showers began very early in the morning. Compared to yesterday the showers are intense. After a while the snowfall tured in to rainfall. You were never bored of snowfall in the last thee months, though it was difficult to go out and walk around in the streets. You felt as if you were in heavens, as if you were on an island of tranquillity.It was suitable atmostphere for meditation-for looking in to oneself, for conversing with oneselfe, for taking up a journy in to one's inner world, for voyaging in to one's inner galuxies. Is it not necessay to look in to one's inner world than trying to comment, critise, refom the outer world? Today you beleave that there is nothing new, nothing unknown in this world. Philosophy, religion, ism, political reforms-all these are not new to you, except the technological explorations. Is it so? There is some thing which is to be perceaved, explored in every movement. Experiencing is not a book which is alredy red out. Experiencing is ever new, ever strange. A poem, a painting, a tune of a song, a growing tree,a blossoming flower, a sight of that snow covered woods, the frozen lake the pattered hair, the torn clothes-In every thing the is some thing new to be observed, experienced.

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