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Simply Best
- Mr. nandz nandu
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Hi All, Iam Anand Goud working for american army in kuwait . I was feeling alone since from many days. I was busy with my work all the days and i don't have any telugu friends . I was really bored coz i don't read telugu stuff . I completed my education where there is no telugu subject teach. I feel home sick and some times i scared with this life but one day i was searching for some telugu websites i found it and i made good friendship with many people around the world . I really feel better now . i concentrate on my work and when iam free i hang on this site and read all the i really feel that i must and should learn read and write telugu. I really love this language and i don't understand why people ignore telugu from their life. Telugu is a part of our life and it sounds sweet ten than any other language. we should respect it and develop it. We should learn many things from the other language people who respects and even ready to give anything for their language and culture. People think if they speak english they get respect from the society and they feel that they are better then anyone. but i say that respect comes from their behaviour on the other people. if we are good to all everyone is good to us but not from the other languages. I really feel sad to the telugu language and it's culture coz we all celebrate new year on 31st dec every year . we spend lot of money on beers , greeting cards and every stuff we get and we hangout on parties but we forget our real new year which is very important to us, wow! to all the telugu people around the world for their loves and affection for my sundara telungu. I feel pitty on all the idiots who do not respect my language . I was an idiot too coz i too forgot about my culutre but i realized what i missed all these days and years but now i don't wanna to miss this any more . I request all my telugu speaking dears to plz don't think that english medium and english speaking people are great and don't spoil our culture . atleast teach them daily one word in telugu and encourage them to speak telugu. Ee have to change , we have the power to change everything to save our culture. our culture and dignity live not in what we wear , what we eat but how much we respect it.i have confidence that one day i write letter to my parents only in telugu . don't be like me . I once again thankful to for bringing them in one way . Thank you all the members and thank you for reading my avedhana. Namaste. -mee anand.

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