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Understanding of Weblogs
- Mr. Ankita Chowdhary
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Internet plays a vital role in remodeling people’s outlook in today’s technology-driven society. Communication and expressing thoughts for every single affair starting form government to domestic issues has become easier through routine use of websites. With the increase in regular internet traffic, a new phenomenon has come up –blogging, that has added craze among the public. But this is also true that more than half of the population, who are using Internet regularly are not aware of the trend. What exactly are web logs / blogs? How blogs are used? How it can be set up? These are the primary queries that are floating in people’s mind. “Weblogs” or “blogs” are predominantly the simple way to put your opinion up on the Internet. It is a webpage that is frequently updated, usually with personal insights and web links. Each blog entry is typically short and to the point, sometimes with a link to a longer, extended entry. Traditionally, blogs were used as something like “online personalized diary” but as blogs became more and more popular, ‘businesses’ started to use them too. Now the blogs are used for many purposes like: • Personal diaries • News feeds • Product updates: reviews, new versions, new products. • Birthdays and other special events • Almost everything you can think of. Since blogs are just Web pages, all you are needed to do is set up a computer, space on a Web Hosting server for your page and time to create the blog. But there is also an easier way to go. There are already websites present that are having abundant application created to help you build a blog .All you need is just to spend some time in drafting your opinion and posting it through the site. There are numerous internationally recognized websites that are having this feature. For political issues you can find several blog entries in, etc. The blogs on the political issues like government ignorance on naxals problem; controversy over the FDI hike in telecom sector in are getting good amount of publicity from the citizen’s side. If you are activists then hopefully the following website can help you in achieving your objective through its “Blogs” feature: .If you are looking for survey related statistics or interested in related discussion then I strongly advocate for your blog posting. Thus your contribution through blogs can work as an upbeat resource in propagating your opinion on significant issues.

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