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Is it a real fight by naxals?--The Debate is Open.
- Mr. Vachaspati Velavartipati
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Sir, In Palnad region of Guntur district in Andhra Pradesh, the Naxals and Police are almost on war, denying the right to rest and leisure to the locals. The S.P. of the district openly stated that for each policeman killed, the police would kill ten Naxals. However, all the ten people killed may not be Naxals. The police need to realize that Naxalism is a cause for socio-economic injustice faced by some sections of the society. No individual is born to become a Naxalite. The existing social set-up produces the Naxalites. If the Police killed ten Naxalites, hundred Naxals may be produced by the system. It is true; the present situation in Palnad region is similar to that of Telangana region ten years ago. Now, in the Telangana region, the villagers themselves opposing the presence of Naxals in their villages, it is because of their presence those villages are devoid of development. The naxals need to realize that with their strength they just can’t provide a single meal to the poor. It is those poor people need to earn their daily bread. If these naxals want to solve the problems of the people, let the people organize themselves and rebel against the system that discriminates them. Let the people identify their real issues. Let the people organize themselves, if necessary, give guidance to them, within the framework of the law of the land. Here the presence of guns and violence is absolutely unwanted. The democracy will take care of all the consequences. The kidnapping of Nodal Officers of Janmabhoomi clearly indicates the indifference of Naxals. Many problems solved during this Janmabhoomi. The destructive activities by the Naxals like blasting of Railway Stations, R.T.C. buses, Telephone Exchanges, Police Stations, neither solve the peoblems of people nor provide relief, may condemn their chances of livelihood instead. The Naxals' Call to boycott the Janmabhoomi is not at all a postive step. One wonders why these Naxals oppose when the people organize themselves and work with the government to solve their problems and develop their villages. The naxals should realize that with the increase of gun culture between Naxals and Police, the poor in the villages suffer. If this situation continued for long duration, one is sure, the spirit of Karl Marx will be lost forever. Andhra Pradesh, is the land of P.Sundaraiah, who was known for Ideals of Democratic Communism. If Karl Marx is alive today, he might rewrite the “Das Capital” guiding the present day perverted extremists,the Naxals. With regards… Velavartipati Vachaspati.

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