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Don't stop children from viewing TV
- Mr. Aziz Ahmed Quraishi Quraishi
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There are only two places where a child mostly spends his leisure time- the first is with his friends and the other in front of the television. According to a study, media is very influential in a child's life. It has been called as “the second family. This may be a misnomer. However, because children spend 2 times as many hours with TV, movies, ads, magazines, music as they do with their parents, and 67% more time with media than in the classroom. In fact, they spend 4.7 out of 7 leisure hours per day with media. If calculated, the total time spent in front of the television by the time they are 70 years old, is around 10 years. But these days, the same television programs are being the main pick of the pubic, because they don’t want their children to sit in front of the TV sets. According to a report put out by a leading news paper, Parents obstructing their children from watching news and staying in touch with current affairs. This is something stunning. Why are parents keeping their children away from current affairs. This will end up in bringing about a major setback to the student community. Today media is the only place where the children could find solutions to many of their unanswered questions. Let’s explore some of the points of discussion on this issue: Why are we concerned about the television media? Do we think that this will spoil our children, and could hamper their thinking? As discussed earlier that children spend most of there time in front of the television watching cartoons, movies, etc. Thinking this will spoil the child will make him stand out of the children of his age group. Media has been one among the major socialization agent for teaching children social norms and behaviour. It also provides them information and events to discuss among there peer groups. A child’s mind is like a blank note pad, all what they see hear and learn gets stored. In fact when they are stopped from viewing TV, a curiosity builds up and they look for ways to view the TV. Instead of motivating your child to find innovative ways of getting to watch TV, it would be better to build in a sense of responsibility and also to make the child aware of the differences between real and reel life. To which side do we stand in this changing era of past and modern civilization? Cultivation theory supports to a larger extent the hypothesis of ‘television as a socialization agency’. To describe cultivation theory and on the most hypothetical of the extremes we could devise an experiment in which a subject is isolated, with the only company of a television. How will that person respond when placed in ‘reality situation’ in society? For cultivation theorists, the heavy consumption of media in general and television in particular ‘leads to the adoption of beliefs about the nature of the social world which conform to the stereotyped, distorted and very selective view of reality as portrayed in a systematic way in television fiction and news’. Furthermore, cultivation theorists argue that television has long-term effects, which are ‘small, gradual, indirect but cumulative and significant’. Why is the Government concerned about the issue? What is it concerned about? The government is taking such major steps because it does not want itself to be exposed in front of the media, or does not want to display its anti-social acts in front of the public. Why don’t they think they were the one who supported when the then ruling NDA was tried to pull against corruption. When you talk about exposure on TV shouldn’t everything related to exposure be banned, ranging from News papers to computers, Cinema halls to postures! Let’s allow the new generation to decide for themselves and not push our conservative values on them.

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