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Is there a Creator?
- Mr. Sarat kalyana sastry pochampalli
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Here is an article from one of my friends who is at university of memphis. The Theory of Evolution The theory of evolution constitutes the so-called scientific basis of various ideologies such as communism, fascism, and racism that are derived from materialist philosophy. This ideological framework is what lies behind its persistent promulgation over the last 130 years. The theory of evolution and racism are closely related. The ideology of evolution considers man only as a 'species'. According to evolution, the inferiority of some races in comparison to other races is very natural. In 1904, an African native named 'Ota Benga' was identified as 'a primitive species affirming the theory of evolution' and was exhibited in a cage along with apes. In the same manner, the founders of America, who regarded Indians as an 'inferior race closer to animals', did not refrain from 'hunting' them like animals. Ota Benga, a pygmy who was forcefully presented as a living intermediate transitory form by evolutionists, committed suicide soon after he was shut into a cage together with apes. Hitler based his ideas on the superiority of the Aryan race on the theory of evolution. When writing his book, Mein Kampf (My Struggle), he was even inspired by the Darwinist concept of struggle for life. In the posters used in the war years for Nazi propaganda, the Nazis used to designate the human races other than the Aryan race as 'De Beestmensch' (The Beast men). It was 'Darwinism' that provided the 'scientific' grounds for defining human beings as 'the beast men'. The theory of evolution is the product of a primitive understanding of science limited to the insufficient technological means of the 19th century. Today, the theory of evolution is supported not because of its scientific value, but because of ideological reasons. When Charles Darwin advanced his theory, which was to be named 'The Theory of Evolution' later on, disciplines like genetics and microbiology did not yet exist. Darwin was unaware of the structure of the DNA, proteins, and the cell. The scientists of the time were putting forward ridiculous theses about living things due to the insufficient level of science. For example, they supposed that worms appearing on meat were showing up all of a sudden without any origin. It was to be later discovered that these worms came out of the eggs laid by flies. Life was not so simple as to come about all of a sudden 'This was the prevailing understanding of science at the time Darwin wrote his book The Origin of Species. The primitive theories of Lamarck were still welcomed: it was believed that acquired traits could be transferred to later generations. These are the views of life sciences teachers. Lamarck used this theory also to explain the long necks of giraffes: According to Lamarck, giraffes were once antelope-like animals and their necks were extended over time as a result of their attempt to reach higher tree branches. However, Mendel’s studies made it clear that acquired traits cannot be transferred to next generations. Living things could transfer only their genes, not their elongated necks to subsequent generations… Thus both Lamarck's and Darwin's basic assertions were demolished by the end of the 19th century. Darwin had written 'If my theory be true, numberless intermediate varieties… must assuredly have existed'. However evolutionists, who have been doing excavations all over the world, have been unable to uncover even a single intermediate form. The theory of evolution holds that living beings differentiated from each other over a very long period of time with linked, gradual modifications. If this theory were true, then numerous 'intermediary species' should have lived in history linking different living species. For instance, if birds had indeed evolved from reptiles, then billions of half-bird/half-reptiles should have lived in history. Darwin knew that the fossil record ought to be full of these 'intermediate transitory forms'. Yet he was also well aware that no transitional form fossils were available. That was why he asked these troubled questions in his book The Origin of Species: '…Why, if species have descended from other species by fine gradations, do we not everywhere see innumerable transitional forms? But, as by this theory innumerable transitional forms must have existed, why do we not find them embedded in countless numbers in the crust of the earth? Living species emerge very distinctly in the fossil record. There is no trace of the 'intermediate forms' that were expected to link these species'. Despite their best efforts, evolutionists have not been able to find even a single intermediate form in the 140 years that have passed since Darwin. The well-known evolutionist Ager admits this: 'The point emerges that if we examine the fossil record in detail, we find–over and over again–not gradual evolution, but the sudden explosion of one group at the expense of another.' The sudden origination of living beings on the earth is proof that they were created. Evolutionists present Archaeopteryx, a 150 million-year-old bird fossil, as a transitional form that proves the transition from reptiles to birds. Archaeopteryx, however, is not a transitional form at all but a real bird. There are two basic pieces of evidence showing that Archaeopteryx was a real bird. These are the feathers and the skeleton of the fossil. The structure of its feathers is the same as that of modern flying birds, and its skeleton demonstrates that it could fly. Moreover, when evolutionists presented Archaeopteryx as a transitional form, they proceeded from the presumption that it was the oldest bird-like creature ever lived on the earth. The discovery of bird fossils much older than Archaeopteryx invalidated this allegation. These fossils belonged to 'real' birds and did not carry any of the so-called reptilian characteristics attributed to Archaeopteryx. Life on earth appeared abruptly and in great diversity. This fact definitely refutes the claim that living things emerged in an evolutionary process. When we look at the fossil record, we see that the oldest stratum of earth that contains fossils is that of the Cambrian. A great number of invertebrates appear in the Cambrian age, which is estimated to date back 500 million years. The interesting thing however, is that not a fossil has ever been found belonging to the pre-Cambrian Ages. This means that the living things that lived in the Cambrian Age emerged 'abruptly'. The situation definitely debunks the theory of evolution, which maintains that living things evolved progressively. The abrupt appearance of living things without any ancestor means that they were created. The living beings that emerged in this period called the 'Cambrian Explosion' are invertebrates like jellyfish, sponges, snails, and trilobites. These living things have very complex organisms. For example, trilobites have very complex eyes. Since such complex structures could not have been instantaneously evolved, they constitute strong evidence for creation. All these demonstrate that the Cambrian Explosion points to the 'outset of creation'. Trilobites, one of the oldest living species, appeared 530 million years ago. Their eyes represent the first visual system in the world. These eyes, with their extremely sophisticated and flawless design, deal a fatal blow to the claim of the theory of evolution that 'Life evolved from primitive to advanced forms One of the living species that appeared suddenly in the Cambrian Period was an invertebrate sea-dwelling creature called the 'trilobite'. The eye of the trilobite had a 'compound eye design'. It consisted of hundreds of tiny eyes. Moreover, each of these tiny eyes had two different lenses. It is reckoned that this structure called the 'doublet structure' allowed the trilobites to see underwater perfectly, without distortion. A professor of geology from the University of Harvard, David Raup says: The trilobites used an optimal design which would require a well trained and imaginative optical engineer to develop today. This perfect eye structure was brought into being 530 million years ago all of a sudden in its perfect form. No doubt, the sudden appearance of such a wondrous design can by no means explained by chance, all the more proving creation. Additionally, the compound eye system of the trilobites has survived to our day without a single change. Some insects such as bees and dragonflies have the same eye structure as did the trilobite. This situation disproves the evolutionary thesis that living beings developed from the primitive to the complex. The absence of fossils to support the theory of evolution causes evolutionists to resort to window-dressing. They draw totally imaginary creatures that have never existed and use these illustrations as a propaganda tool. There is no fossil record indicating that the half-man half-ape creatures in these drawings ever existed. These drawings are intended to mislead people who have limited knowledge on the subject. The absurdity of these drawings is all too evident. Everyone knows for sure that stones and rocks in the natural environment would not spontaneously turn into frogs or fish. Ridiculous as it may seem, this is very reminiscent of the basic claim of the theory of evolution. The theory of evolution holds that given enough time (about a couple of billion years), the stones and rubbles of rock in nature would evolve into frogs, fish, and even humans. This assertion is not based on any evidence. It is a scenario produced by evolutionists in their imagination. Let alone being formed spontaneously in natural conditions, life cannot even be generated in the modern laboratories of today. What life is and how it emerged is a mystery. Scientists have failed in puzzling out how certain molecules like proteins, lipids and glucose came together to form 'life'. In biology, there is a rule called 'biogenesis'–that is, 'life comes only from life'. It is impossible for nonliving matter to form life. This refutes the theory of evolution from the outset, which proposes that life emerged from inanimate matter by chance. When we see a design, we instantly understand that there is an owner of wisdom behind it. To claim that this design came into being 'by coincidence' would certainly be meaningless. The science of the 20th century has revealed the extraordinary design of living beings also displaying the decrepit nature of the evolutionist thesis. So friends, there is no doubt in my mind that there is a creator and popular belief that everything evolved from a single cell is flawed.

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