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Sunkishala Sri Venkateshwara Temple Launched a Website
- Mr. Raju
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WWW.SUNKISHALASVTEMPLE.ORG A Temple (Devalaya) is a link between man and God, between the earthy life and the divine life, between the actual and the ideal. It is the place where God dwells on earth to bless mankind. Temples always exercise an enormous influence on our social life and give peace to the frustrated minds. Indian customs and history is related with temples and its architecture. Dr Pailla Malla Reddy,U.S.A, who was born and brought up at Sunkishala, dreamt of making his village a model village. He intended to do something that would help the villagers in increase their standard of living. He felt that building a temple is the best way to help the community. It will not only ease the onerous efforts that all generations had to make in traveling from the village to far-flung areas for worship as there are no temples in the vicinity and can also generate employment. Moreover, there are many people in the community who cannot afford for a pilgrimage to holy places like Tirumala, Shiridi or Badrachalam. This temple now not only fulfills their wishes but also generated gainful employment for all kinds of labor, from the basic landscape designer and gardener, to the sophisticated architect, and can also be center for learning and enrich lives bringing prosperity. On 26 December 1997, the Prathishtapana mahotsav of Lord Sri Venkateswara along with Padmavathi Devi and Alamelu Manga was performed by his holiness the Jagadguru Sankaracharya of Kanchi Kamakothi peeth and was presided by the then Home Minister of Andhra Pradesh, A. Madhava Reddy. The temple has become so popular that people from nearby and far off villages and districts started to throng. People started calling it a “Mini Tirupati”. Enthused by the Co-operative spirit of the villagers, the Government sanctioned several developmental works and more bus routes for the village. Many developmental activities like repairing and re-laying of roads, desilting water tanks are completed, giving a fresh and new look to the village. In short, it can be said that the Sunkishala Sri Venkateswara temple (Sunkishala SV Temple) has changed and continues to change the village, mandal and district, and the lives of its inhabitants. The Sunkishala SV Temple, located in Sunkishala Village, Nalgonda district of Andhra Pradesh, is one such fine temple presenting a congenial and pleasant atmosphere to bring devotees close to God. What makes this temple so unique is the diversion from the usual temple building norms by having lush greenery and gardens around it. It has a charming campus from where one can take a look at the greenery of the fields. The Sunkishala SV Temple complex is a fine contribution to enrichment of human lives. The temple complex has temples dedicated to Lord Sri Venkateswara, Siva, Sri Rama, and SaiBaba. Each temple is constructed in a distinct style on the presiding deity. In addition, living quarters are constructed to house the families of the Priests serving the temple. Social Activities: Sunkishala SV Temple under the aegis of a Trust not only takes care of the temple's maintenance for progress and prosperity but also takes a keen interest in many social service initiatives in areas of education, medical treatment, rehabilitation of the physically challenged and old people. Time to time the Temple organizes many social activities for the community aligned with its mission to serve. It also spreads the word of unity by funding temples, mosque and other religious institutions. Sunkishala SV temple donated generously to many social causes and upliftment of lives of many people. A large sum of money is deposited in a bank by the temple donor, interest accrued through this is used to support temple maintenance, priest’s salaries, and social activities. To name few of the social activities undertaken so far: • Monthly scholarships at Mandal level are given to poor students to help in their education, thus benefiting many students. • To show our respect for the elderly, a monthly pension is given to old age persons in Valigonda Mandal • A monthly allowance is sent for few leprosy patients in Redla Repaka village, for their maintenance. • A State of Art Junior College (Sri Venkateshwara Govt. Jr. College) with a tune Rs 2 crore is being constructed at Valigonda. This contribution includes donation of land, constructing college building and paying lecturer’s salaries for two years. Students in all the nearby villages who now commute long distances to enroll in a college will benefit, nearing completion this college will facilitate in better learning with spacious classrooms and labs. • The Trust has also taken the initiative of taking care of orphans in 29 villages of the Mandal. Monthly allowance is being distributed to them through the postal services. • Every year two mega Medical camps are conducted and distribution of medicines and other medical aids is done. Every year people attend these mega camps in huge numbers and get medical treatment at no cost. Surgical operations are performed for the needy. Accommodation: Cottages: A new cottage complex is constructed within the temple vicinity to accommodate pilgrims during their stay. They are fully furnished rooms and attached baths. There is an open verandah in front providing good ventilation and also serves as a sit-out. A Common Dining and Kitchen is also available, in case the pilgrims plan for a long stay. The temple society provides all these facilities on a rent-free basis. Thus, catering to the poor, the rich and the multitude in between, representing cross-section of the society. Guest House: A VIP Guest house with all modern facilities like double bed room with attached western restrooms was constructed to accommodate any visiting dignitary. The interior of the building is well done with marble flooring, good ventilation and a serene ambience. With all the latest facilities it will make one's stay a memorable one. Advance booking is suggested, for every type of accommodation. You can call the temple authorities to make your reservation. Kalyanamandapam: Marriage is the most important sacrament in everyone’s life, marriage between two souls is a very sacred affair that stretches beyond one lifetime and may continue up to at least seven lives. The Kalyana Mandapam (Marriage hall) in Sunkishala SV temple is a spacious banquet hall with an excellent ambience. Elegantly and functionally designed in traditional South Indian architecture and style, worth mentioning is the exquisitely crafted woodwork, the mandapam has marble flooring. The interiors and surroundings present a clean, bright and an environment friendly ambience where floors are kept dry, neat and walls unsoiled. It can accommodate up to 2000 guests comfortably and specially designed for weddings / wedding receptions, and large gatherings. Devotees who wish to solemnize their marriages in this sacred place can use this Mandapam without paying any fee. The facilities at this wedding hall include four rooms that can be used for the bridal makeovers. The wedding hall can be tastefully decorated as per the host's choice. Kalyana Mandapam is surrounded by a beautiful open area that can also be used if you plan to hold any event in open air; it has all the facilities and amenities to conduct marriages and other programmes. Contributions in cash or kind towards development or specific purposes are accepted giving due thought and a receipt thereof is issued and the donation is used for the noble causes taken up by the society. Annadanam scheme: Annadan or food giving has been recommended as a means of charity since ancient times. By feeding the poor and the needy, taking them to be forms of God, without caring for the fruits of your actions you will be blessed. Sai Baba once said, 'Know for certain that he who feeds the hungry, really serves Me with food. Regard this as an axiom truth'. (Shri Sai Satcharita). If you would like to sponsor and/or participate an Annadanam, you can do so by donating Rs 250. Annadanam will be performed on your behalf on a specific date and 25 poor people will be fed. We invite you to register and join us in this service by contributing to the extent you can. Please visit for more information and to sponsor puja. Contact Us: We certainly welcome your thoughts and interest in Sunkishala SV Temple. We would like to request you to help us in spreading the word about the website and it's mission of providing a sacred and peaceful place for devotion. You are very welcome to visit the temple and please do not hesitate to request for more information. For advance reservations, sponsoring puja’s and all other requests/questions/comments, feel free to contact us at the following addresses. Alternatively, you may also send us an email at All donations or puja fee should be payable to SVSSSSS Devalaya Committee and mail it to one of the following address: Sunkishala SV Temple Village: Sunkishala Mandal: Valigonda, Dist: Nalgonda - 508112 Andhra Pradesh. INDIA Temple Phone : +91-8694-254433 E-mail: USA 6391, RockStone Ct Indianapolis, IN 46268 Phone No : 317-339-7461 Email :

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