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Journey into time with
- Vikram
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Hey, Do you remember watching Hollywood sci-fi “Back-to-the-Future”? Or at least, our desi sci-fi “Aditya 369”? I do remember both and I am trying to do exactly what the protagonists of those movies did. Yes, you guessed it right. I am trying to travel back into the time and tell you a story about a fascinating journey made. Just, follow me…………… TELUGUPEOPLE TIME 5 months to TP-TIME: While surfing the net, I have accidentally (a sweet accident indeed!) stumbled upon Found it interesting and signed-up. But thought of to come back some other day and have a closer look. 4months to TP-TIME: When there was nothing much to do in the office, I was browsing through some sites and suddenly remembered Immediately jumped into the site and gone through the links. I found people discussing about various topics. Some people advising the members on their questions regarding astrology, personal advices, medical etc. Mmmm………stuff looks great but somehow, couldn’t spend much time again. 3months to TP-TIME: Started entering once in a while and also started participating in some of the discussions. Read some of the articles written by co-members and spent the time on the site as and when I feel to do so. 2months to TP-TIME: Now its almost everyday. Actively participating in the discussions. Got a couple of online friends. And then we all created the discussion forum by name 'Posukolu Kaburlu'(sounding great! isn’t it?), which was our usual hang-out place on the site. Life seems to be going on with such an immense joy experienced never before. Thanks to 1 month to TP-TIME: Made a good number of friends. Learned a lot through articles and experiences of other members. Participated in many topics based on General Knowledge. People are streaming-in in leaps and bounds. Added new friends every now and then. It seems a very good site for me. Got almost addicted to it and reached that stage where I just cannot complete a day without entering 3 weeks to TP-TIME: Some of the friends at who are from Hyderabad have planned for a get together with those who are going to India for a vacation and invited them for the get-together. Happy moods flourished in every heart. I left for my vacation to India. 2 weeks to TP-TIME: Hanging out with friends and roaming the streets of Hyderabad is what I exhaustively did when I was in college and doing right now. Called up Sandhya a couple of times and met her along with Kala in their office in a very short notice. Heard the on-goings about from those who are equally addicted (means dedicated!!!) to the site. Gone through the schedules of all people and the get-together had been planned somewhere near a weekend after two weeks. Kala took the initiative in getting the friends of the virtual world for the meeting in Real World. Thanks to her, the get-together is going to happen soon. 3 days to TP-TIME: Got a call from Sandhya. The get-together has got confirmed and going to be held on a pleasant evening on 31st January. That time I did not know much about who the participants are. But Kala knows them and planned everything. 1 day to TP-TIME: Got another call from Sandhya and the list of participants was being read out. Here they are Sandhya, Kala, Sreedevi, Suneetha, Kiran and Vikram(myself). Suneetha and Kiran were landing the same day from Abu Dhabi. Feeling very much excited to meet those unknown people of the virtual Andhra Pradesh in the reality. Waiting for that day has become a real killer. 3 Hours to TP-TIME: I started from home, which is just 2 hours ride away on bike from Hyderabad. While I was traveling I started imagining about the things going happen at the get-together. Real excitement. 1 Hour to TP-TIME: It was like a pitched battle to get through air-tight traffic of Hyderabad roads. Traffic is moving at a rate of 10 meters per minute. Getting mad at the traffic police and also on the others in the traffic, who don't understand my eagerness to let me go soon. Got a call from Uma Kanth (UK as we call him) who is in Bangalore and he too was equally excited and interested about the first ever known get together. Calmed him down a bit saying that I did not reach the place yet, but I know that he will call me back after sometime. 20 Minutes to TP-TIME: Reached the venue, Country Owen, Ameerpet. Sandhya and Kala were already there waiting for the rest of us to arrive. Most of the gathering are yet to come. We were waiting for Suneetha who was supposed to come with her daughter Baby Nishitha. Then saw a lady with her daughter nearby waiting for someone. We were thinking if she was Suneetha? Sandhya and Kala were pushing each other forward to go and confirm with that lady with a baby. In the meantime that lady stopped an Auto and went away. Ha... it wasn’t her. While we were waiting for them, Suneetha and her daughter made their way into the venue. We just asked her if she was Suneetha and YES, she was. Before introducing ourselves she identified each of us, but interchanged the identification of Sandhya with Kala. After some spontaneous jokes we have corrected her by introducing ourselves. All three ladies have become very friendly, last but not least, Baby Nishitha is a cute looking kid. 10 Minutes to TP-TIME: Sreedevi arrived on the spot, just before time. She works very near to that place. Introductions began once again. Now all of us are waiting for Kiran. And finally he arrived just 5 minutes before the TP-TIME. 5 Minutes to TP-TIME: All the seats in the Bakery are occupied and Kiran and myself have pestered the waiter there, to provide us with chairs to sit under the porch by the side of the bakery. Chairs are arranged and now its TP-TIME. Really !!!! TP-TIME: Formal introductions, ice-breaking, casual talk, jokes were the starters for the get-together. Added excitement and joy as sauce and talking about the day as spice to the starters. After chasing the waiter to comeback after '5 minutes' for almost 5 times, between the talks we have ordered the dishes. Beep…Beep….Beep.. My cell buzzed and yes, you are right…it was Uma Kanth from Bangalore. I answered the call and he talked to everyone there. He was virtually in the real get-together of the friends from virtual world. All of us were talking non-stop about the site, about the people, about the countries where we came from, about the homeland, about mischief on the site, about good things and some bad things(!). Topics from A to Z were covered regarding In the mean time the waiter took a photograph of all of us, which we'll obviously cherish for the rest of our lives. Kiran had to go for visiting some of his cousins as he is going to his native place the very next day. Exchange of gifts took place. All the people are very happy to meet like this. After bidding Kiran a bye, we drowned once again into the talks. Soon, we realized that it was too late and the Bakery was supposed to be closed in due time. With heavy hearts we parted from each other and soon we were on our ways to respective destinations. Though the time we spent together was precise, we will remember this forever. It was the most important event happened to me in this Indian vacation. The day, week and month were really exciting. All this happened only because of THANKS TO TELUGUPEOPLE.COM for giving good friends, for making it possible to make friends way out of daily life and for proving that the oceans cannot separate the friendly souls. Through this article I would like to thank for providing the base for the get-together, and Sandhya, Kala, Kiran, Sreedevi and Suneetha for attending it and making it wonderful experience. Hope we all meet again and soon.

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