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Articles: TP and Me
- Ms. Divya Kothapalle
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I came to know about this site through my brother. So far, there is no article in this category. So, I thought, why can't I share my feelings with members of this site. Reasons for Registration: First, I registered myself as a user and I didn't clearly observe anything on this site. Daily i used to visit and read famous novel and i read some of interesting novels for time pass. The reason for registering myself is to know about the site and telugu people around the world. Mails: I received mails from many persons from this site..I dont want to make MY FRIENDSHIP TO ENJOY AND FOR TIME PASS AND I wont believe boys BECOZ of my bitter experience abt love.... I believe in friendship and i believe in good n sincere and best friends.......FRIEND is one who understands the other person, who consoles n protect him/her from troubles, who shares both joys and sorrows..... Life is like a mountain. Reaching its peak is my aim. However, trials are difficult to go through. But whatís important are Ė the lessons Iíve learned, challenges Iíve experienced and the people Iím with in my journey. I came out of my reservedness and made friendship with few guys...but becoz of my bitter experiences with them, i m unable to believe FRIENDSHIP again...i am a reserved nature and sensitive mind...i take everything seriously and think a lot about any matter. My sincere request to all those members, who mailed me, plz dont make fun of friendship with me i am looking for a life long friend, but bcoz of my experiences, my mind tells me that LONELINESS is your FRIEND..... TELUGUPEOPLE.COM is a wonderful site....i visit daily and read novel and some other sections...MY EXPERIENCE section was really heart touching experiences, made me to fill tears in my eyes and made me to think a lot about this world and people. I wondered why girls or boys look for enjoyment, time pass and thrill..why dont they think about life in a real terms without dreaming...i m thankful to TP for my membership. Am really happy to be a member of TELUGUPEOPLE.COM

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