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Alzheimer's dementia
- Mr. Subrahmanyam D.
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One of the most common problems in elders is dementia. This is in our language is forgetfulness. This seems to be a very normal problem at old age in India, but nothing much was done medically. There are about 100 varieties of dementia and most common is Alzheimer's dementia. The symptoms: Every person experiences dementia in their own individual way, but there is usually a decline in memory, reasoning and communication skills and a gradual loss of the skills needed to carry out daily activities.If you are feeling confused, agitated or forgetful, you should see your GP. If you are close to someone who is showing these symptoms, you could suggest that you accompany them on their first visit. Treatment: In most instances, there are no ways to cure the diseases that cause dementia, such as Alzheimer's disease. However, there are drugs available that may alleviate some of the symptoms. Some complementary therapies may also help to improve quality of life. People who r really suffering from this problem need support from the home and near and dear. In india there r no socities who take care these people whereas in foriegn countries there r many voluntery organisations and socities who take care of them. Alzheimers disease is mostly considered as a disease of the western materialistic world.The reasons being mostly genetical in nature and other hypothesis exists too.In India the incidence of Alzheimers is comparatively less but it does exist. Its a debilitating disease limiting the daily routine chores of a person and makes him dependable on others and its a pathetic situation.Most of the literature available on the study of Alzheimers is about the condition prevalent in the west. In western and other affluent countries such ppl r taken care by societies specially formed by the government or by other NGOs.Unlike our society the the families in the western society do not live with the old parents or grandparents hence the need for such organisation to take care of ppl with Alzheimers. In the scenario prevalent in India neither the govt nor the NGOs r able to take care of such ppl due to lack of resources ( claimed to be so).So its better if the problem is tackled at the grass root level where the family members r educated to have a sympathetic approach to ppl with Alzheimers.

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