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Know how abt RSS feeds
- GurusRi
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RSS Technology Architecture

What is RSS? ^ RSS means… Rich Site Summary Really Simple Syndication ^ Simple XML data format ^ RSS files can be automatically updated ^ Designed for sharing web content RSS Feed: A dynamically updated content file in RSS format Reader / Aggregator: A program or website which presents RSS feeds to a user in a readable format. Why Use RSS? ^ Without RSS, users will have to check your site daily to check for new updates. This may be too time-consuming for many users. ^ With an RSS feed they can check your site faster using an RSS aggregator. Information on the Web becomes easier to find, U Web developers can spread Ur information more easily to special interest groups. ^ No need to check multiple sites for the latest updates. U can get all the info in your Desktop or in Ur homepage. Now a days popular mail servers like Yahoo n google are giving support to get all RSS feeds in your mail homepage! How it works As u see in fig. Web servers can have special mechanism for RSS feed. Unlike the general procedure (Client to server) when ever new feed is detected this special sources intimate clients so that the client poll the server and get the required info. How do you create an RSS feed for Ur web? ^ RSS feeds contain what are referred to as 'items'. The items are usually connected in some way and contain a common theme or other similarity. Each item contains: title description link What an item in an xml file looks like: The Title Goes Here The description goes here like this u can create XML page for ur website. Once u created u can register Ur Feeds with RSS Regulatory Company, so that others can access Ur website through this RSS feeds.

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