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A request for all Telugus.
- Mr. Vachaspati Velavartipati
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A request for all Telugus. Friends, I am Velavartipati Vachaspati (vvachaspati, my name in this site). I am member of this site that is exclusively for telugus. I am delighted that there are many articles to promote enlightenment that are kept by enlightened telugus. But, I have been receiving some responses from members for my articles that are something unusual and peculiar. One member dubbed me as ‘perverted’ as I criticized the culture. Another even threatened me to ‘blow’ as I supported the AP Government’s scheme, DWCRA. I do not understand why some members react that much negatively. Can’t we tolerate opposite views? Why these kind of negative responses, that too in this good site? What my crime is in my articles, I generally write, being an anthropologist turned journalist, on some very core cultural maladies. That may not be visible to other people. Those writings may hurt some people. But one needs to think rationally as I do in case of others. I welcome criticisms from telugus on my articles. But has no right to call me ‘perverted’. If that person sit for some time, think rationally, he can understand the real concept in it. When we discuss or criticize an issue, topic, it will definitely lead to a productive and positive outcome. That’s what our Parliament does. In one article, I wrote, ‘in our culture women are treated as sub ordinate human beings, marginalized’---some people may not agree. Some people may agree. How many women are comfortable while traveling in the bus or train? How many women will raise their hands for the above question? How many women never suffered from comments of Romeo? More over, what will be the response for the falling Sex Ratio in India? For one of my article, a women reacted simply saying, ‘I don’t believe in this cock and bull stories’---after reading the statistics in my article. I must say no article, by any one, is fool proof of criticisms. But the response or criticism must be a proper one. One must not be indifferent towards the problems faced by human society. If one fail to identify a particular problem, that is nothing but indifference. I sincerely request all the telugus, please do not use derogatory remarks on the author of a particular article. Please treat this site as an exception; this is the site for us. You please remember this always. Wherever the criticism, please substantiate it. Read with enlightenment; Respond with enlightenment; Criticize with enlightenment; Do not go for personal comments. Hope you understand the relevance of this humble message that is for the sanctity of this site. Velavartipati Vachaspati

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