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Top 500 World Universities
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Here is a list of the top 500 Universities in the world by rank as determined in a study from the Institute of Higher Education, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China. World Rank-Institution-Region 1 Harvard Univ Americas 2 Univ Cambridge Europe 3 Stanford Univ Americas 4 Univ California - Berkeley Americas 5 Massachusetts Inst Tech (MIT) Americas 6 California Inst Tech Americas 7 Columbia Univ Americas 8 Princeton Univ Americas 9 Univ Chicago Americas 10 Univ Oxford Europe 11 Yale Univ Americas 12 Cornell Univ Americas 13 Univ California - San Diego Americas 14 Univ California - Los Angeles Americas 15 Univ Pennsylvania Americas 16 Univ Wisconsin - Madison Americas 17 Univ Washington - Seattle Americas 18 Univ California - San Francisco Americas 19 Johns Hopkins Univ Americas 20 Tokyo Univ Japan Asia/Pac 21 Univ Michigan - Ann Arbor Americas 22 Kyoto Univ Japan Asia/Pac 23 Imperial Coll London Europe 24 Univ Toronto Americas 25 Univ Illinois - Urbana Champaign Americas 26 Univ Coll London Europe 27 Swiss Fed Inst Tech - Zurich Europe 28 Washington Univ - St. Louis Americas 29 New York Univ Americas 30 Rockefeller Univ Americas 31 Northwestern Univ Americas 32 Duke Univ Americas 32 Univ Minnesota - Twin Cities Americas 34 Univ California - Santa Barbara Americas 35 Univ Colorado - Boulder Americas 36 Univ Texas - Austin Americas 37 Univ British Columbia Americas 38 Univ Texas Southwestern Med Center Americas 39 Pennsylvania State Univ - Univ Park Americas 39 Vanderbilt Univ Americas 41 Univ California - Davis Americas 41 Univ Utrecht Europe 43 Rutgers State Univ - New Brunswick Americas 43 Univ Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh Americas 45 Karolinska Inst Stockholm Europe 46 Univ Paris 06 Europe 47 Univ California - Irvine Americas 47 Univ Edinburgh Europe 47 Univ Maryland - Coll Park Americas 50 Univ Southern California Americas

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