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My Experiences in TP Chat...
- sri enjoy_ happiness
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Iam a member of TP.Com from 2002 onwards. I've varied experiences in these four years..some sweet and sour... No doubt, that chatting is fun.. It should remain fun and not personal, for in this chat we all try and involve so much..I notice some times, Some people take it so serious and start with offensive language coming in different multiple ids, which are fake most often than not. If one's wish is to make friends in this chat, I do not find any reason for coming in fake Id's or multiple fake Id's. An honest human being need not hide him / her self as ultimately its ones individuality that counts. I do not deny it may be funny to appear in multiple Id's opening several windows one in the guise of a woman, other in the guise of male and all others in some other characters displaying multiple personalities of the same person. Of late, this trend is rampant in the TP chat room. This is in a way a deception rather an hypocricy, which perhaphs is unwarranted. Yet there are people who flirt and start abusing in a lingo that sounds so uncomfortable to others in the room. I wonder if those who come in Lady's Id are real women at all, as they do seem to encourage such guys.. People in the chat room may please ponder on this aspects. Falling in love, trapping woman and anticipating affairs through chat seems to be ridiculous. People who come to chat in TP are well aware of this. But still the drama in chat continues... I prey God that common sense prevails among Chat room users for better environment.. for better behaviour.. for it is the essence of chat to Keep up the values of our cultural heritage, our solidarity and pave way for better harmonious living.

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