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Astrology-My Opinion
- Anaheim Angel
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Astrology. I am copy-pasting 'Your week ahead' from a web-site. I hope I don't need the copy-right laws. hehe, but since when did I care about all these silly rules? :-p ----- Virgo: There could be some major emotional challenges to face up to this week. All relationships are intense, and things that might not usually bother you suddenly seem to have mega importance. Maybe you feel you aren't getting precisely what you need from a friend or loved one, but things haven't really changed much lately, just your view of them has. If you are straight with people, life will run much more smoothly ---- 'Could be', 'Maybe', 'seem', 'might not'? Excuse me? And to know that people actually believe in this and STOP doing whatever they want to do because an astrologer told them so? Give me a break. Let me analyze this in detail breaking up each and every portion of this so called science. 1) Birth date: People who know me know how much I detest the concept of a birth-day. I always contend that the day you are brought into the world is not the day of the delivery, but the day the zygote was created. The whole concept of a sign assigned to the birth-day becomes so meaningless if you actually interpret birth the way I do, or as 'life' is defined. If you leave the birthday aside, 2) Calendar and date: People are supposed to be kind of logical, so where did the sense of logic go as far as assigning time goes? I don't know much about the theory of relativity, and I assume not much of the world population knows about it, but aren't time and date variables if the frame of reference is changed? What I mean to say is, different religions have different concept of time. Calendars are different, and they give different predictions in different countries for the same birth-date and star sign. And, if this was based during times when the Earth was considered flat, how does that change now? Did anybody change anything? I know this argument does not sound strong, but let me just state this. If you are referencing your judgement based on an event A, if event A does not have any truth associated to begin with, then doesn't your judgement become comical? As in time upon which every astrological prediction is based, has no base. Hey, and we did not even take into consideration the time change based on the location change. And there is nothing to take the position change into account. If you leave the calendar aside, 3) Zodiac signs etc.: How would dividing a revolution of Earth into 12 segments translate into 12 signs of birth? It is said that Mesopotamian civilization was the first to use Astrology, and it got imported into India through the Greeks. When all this was taking place, they did not have a clue as to what heavenly bodies are, and how they would influence life ( This statement is based on the pretext that if they knew, they would not have said that the Earth was flat ). Even this argument sounds unconvincing, because there is no base anywhere as to how exactly astrological events were incorporated into the calendar etc. If you leave the Zodiac signs aside, 4) Astrologers: When will people realise that Astrologers are normal 8-5 workers like everybody else? If their predictions are any true, why would they remain astrologers in their life, when they have the future and predictibility at their disposal. If they think they are doing social service, then why do they get paid for that? Would you attend anger management classes of a therapist with a volatile mentality? Would you? If you know the guy cannot curb his own anger, how will he cure you? A believer would take all his steps based on advice from an astrologer, and when things fails, why does he blame his own misfortune rather than logically think about the truth factor of the advice? If you leave the Astrology aside, 5) Karma: If you believe in religion, it says Karma etc. Although I don't think highly of religion ( like how you would not think high of me ), I don't understand how people think their Karma is pre-written. This would be like the epitome of contradictions. a) If you could predict ones actions, that is awesome. b) If one's actions results in one's going to heaven or hell, that is acceptable. c) Saying that one's actions are already pre-determined makes this whole 'heaven' & 'hell' thing inconsequential because one is not responsible for his/her actions. He/She is merely following what is already pre-destined. Makes sense?

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