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'Astrology' - A counter opinion
- Mr. Apparao R
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This is my response to an article posted in the following link about Astrology. *** Dear Friend, You should have done some research before posting this criticism in a public forum. I am not a believer in Astrology. I don't think it is Science, though Astrologers call it so. Scientists say it is only a pseudo-science. My problem with your criticism is that you haven't studied the subject before commenting on it. Let me clarify a few things. 1) Astrologers have their own logic regarding the birth date and time. It is the moment of first breath, which according to some occult philosophy is the start of new life. FYI, there is a branch in Astrology called pre-natal astrology which casts the horoscope for the moment of conception (or fertilization) and studies the effect of planets on the individual. So, if you want to believe in Astrology if it treats the moment of fertilization as the birth-date, you should do so now. 2) You said 'different religions have different concept of time'. What do you mean? Different religions may have different calendars, but time is the same. Astrological calculations may adopt any calendar or any metrics (like Ghatis and Vighatis in Indian astrology instead of hours and minutes), but what is important is the positions of the planets at the moment of birth. This comes out the same no matter what calendar is adopted. Astrology is not based on the assumption that Earth is flat. If you know better, you should say that Astrology uses geo-centric positions of the planets. You should ask why it does not employ helio-centric methods? FYI, some astrologers follow helio-centric methods too, though it is not mainstream astrology. You don't know how horoscopes are calculated. That's why you said astrology does not 'take into consideration the time change based on the location change'. Astrology does take this into consideration. Consult any basic text book of Astrology and it should be clear to you. 3) The division of the sky into 12 segments is based on the movement of Sun into 12 groups of stars. Sun takes one month to move from one group to the other. That's how they started to believe in the influence of zodiac. Very likely Astrology came into the belief systesm of ancient civilizations in the following manner - In egypt, whenever people saw a bright star (Venus) rising in the east just before Sun rise (this happens only in some times of the year), they knew that there were going to be floods for river Nile soon. So, the movements of the planets, Sun and Moon indicated some important times in the year for them. They were mainly agricultural people, so their lives were dependent on the seasonal changes. That's how they started to believe in heavenly bodies influencing their lives. 4) Many Astrologers genuinely believe that Astrology is true, but many don't believe that they can accurately predict events. They only think they can sense some trends in life. It is the belief in something that drives people to do anything. Astrolgers believe in Astrolgoy just like how religious people believe in GOD. They are no different. (There are some cheats calling themselves Astrologers, but that is a different matter). 5) Belief in karma is not full of contradictions. Is it a matter of belief that you are doing a job just because you studied well? It is a fact. Studying well is good Karma, the benefits of which you are reaping as good earnings. a) Nobody can predict anybody's actions. Not even the best of Astrologers. But if you know the character of a person well, you can make some informed guess about what a person is likely to do in given circumstances. Astrologers do the same. b) How is this acceptable to you? Where has your rational thinking gone? c) Theory of Karma never says that one's actions are pre-destined. It is only a law of consequence (a matter of common sense). It says if you do good actions, you will get good results. Karma means action. So you have good karma means you have done good actions, so the results will be good. Bad karma means you have done bad things, so you will experience the results of those. That's it. It does not say that we are robots being cotrolled by something. We are free to do our actions, but it only warns that your actions have consequences which you should take into account.

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