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An Advice to Teachers...
- sri enjoy_ happiness
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Schools reopen during June. Another new academic year starts. The students go to higher classes with new interest and goals. In this context it is necessary that every teacher should have a retrospection of the last year's progress and efforts in the Light of the results and improvements obtained. The teachers and parents ought to think and agree that there are many aspects to be looked into in this regard. Prior to the higher education (i.e. Degree), education is classified into three parts. The first one is primary education, second high school education and the third is Intermediate education. The aim and objective of primary education is to impart the wisdom of acquiring the skills of learning the letters and words in a lighter vein. Here it's not the quantity but the quality so learning by-heart (cramming), writing and rewriting exercises are adopted most commonly. Home work plays a vital part to make students habituated to learn the skills of writing. This also helps to some extent in improving wisdom and knowledge. The second is high school. Here the student starts learning the analytical study. The age of student is around 12 years when he goes up to high school. This is just a pre-adolescent period. Itís at this age that Rama Laxmana went to viswamitra to learn archery as per Ramayana. At this age the brain is sharp and grasping is fast. He will develop a habit of inquisitive nature to understand the reason and rhyme for each and every work and subject. That's the reason the teacher should think intensely to give a home work best suited so that the innate nature of student further develops. Then only the students will develop a comprehensive knowledge and understanding on various aspects which increases their interest on studies and it will give a jeal for them to further progress in their studies with an ambition to achieve higher skills of learning. This helps in furthering their studies at higher levels. As per psychologists the student learns 80 percent of his analytical skills at the age of about 16. So how far it is justifiable to ask for cramming (learning by- heart) and by writing and re-writing exercises. Have you ever thought of this? The future of a student is much brighter if the students are not insisted on cramming but encouraged to develop analytical skills. . If those students answer well and some one enquires where you studied that is the real recognition for the school and credit to such teachers. Assignments or home work need not be made compulsory. It should be such as to induce more interest to the student in the subject. With interest the student will be keener to learn. The teachers should make students to learn by themselves. Let teachers examine and think on these issues.<6DFB31>

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