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Articles: TP and Me
TP experience
- Mr. suman kumar yadamani
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My One Year experience in TP It has been one year since I entered TP. I came to telugu people site to make friendship with all the guys. In the initial days in tp I thought all the IDís who come here are genuine and are not fake IDís. In the process I came to know that almost all (75%) are fake. About my ID sadameesevalo, some members had doubts regarding this ID, that this is also a fake, When I started giving some of them my personal email, then only they thought my ID is not fake. I had made lot of friends through this site, some call me Sada, some call me suma, & only few people call me by my name Suman (Loll). I used to have a small wish from my childhood days that, ď Me being called by nickname (Muddu peru). I didínt have any till I entered TP. My wish has been fulfilled, thanks to TP (loll). Let me be frank, I am not a prolific writer, but TP had somewhat made me a beautiful writer. I used to be afraid of writing articles because I used to fear that, I would get criticism from all quarters. I thought of writing an article on my experience of getting my close friendís bad experience (I think u remember my article ď Message to the YouthĒ). From then I have written 11 articles, till now. I never expected my articles would get comments. Anyhow my intention is not to get comments / appreciation. All my articles are message oriented. About me, I am an friendly guy who expresses his opinions frankly and always ready to help my friends. I have some enemies also in TP (loll), some IDís (I donít want to tell their names / IDís) used to have grudge on me, whenever I used to enter, they tried to irritate me. I knew how to handle these type of IDís also. I used counter attack them. After simply doing that they never used to touch me in Chat. Enemies gaa undi friends aina vaalu kuda unaru. Ila naa TP prastaanam start ayindi Bye Sada

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