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The Sky & the Pollution
- sri enjoy_ happiness
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The Sky and the pollution ------------------------ Student: - Good Morning mam.. Teacher: - Very Good Morning Priya... Come in... Student: - Thanks mam.....I have come to clarify certain doubts mam Teacher: - Good Priya. You are always welcome. You can feel at home here. Be comfortable... Like to have glass water... Student: - No mam...Thanks Teacher: - Priya Ask me your doubt... Student: - Mam... The sky looks blue...Why does the sky look blue? Teacher: - It is a Good question Priya... Anyway tell me what is atmosphere? Student: - The blanket of air that is surrounding the earth is atmosphere...mam. Teacher: - Good Priya... Can you tell me what the composition of air is? Student: - Air mainly consists of Nitrogen, oxygen carbon dioxide, mam... Teacher: - Yes Priya, besides what you said air also consists of dust particles, water vapor and some other gases... Can you tell me what the source of Light, Priya ? Student: - I think mam it is the Sun... Teacher: - Yes Priya you are right... The sunlight has to pass through this atmosphere before it reaches our eyes. Student: - What happens when sunlight travels through the atmosphere Teacher:-Priya. The light gets scattered by the dust particles, water vapor and other gas molecules in all directions. Thats how light and brightness is seen with the sunrise. Can you tell me now the seven colors in the sunlight Priya? Student: - Violet, Indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red Mam... Teacher: - Yes Priya. You are right...So when the sunlight passes through atmospheric molecules... These colors get reflected differently. The colors violet, blue, indigo get reflected the most while the red color gets reflected the least. Student: - It means teacher we see only predominantly reflected blue, violet, and indigo colors... Teacher: - Yes Priya exactly...And the mixture of these 3 colors, i.e., violet, indigo and blue is almost blue... That is the reason why the color of the sky appears blue to our eyes. Student: - It means teacher that the atmosphere on earth and different way colors reflect that causes the Sky to appear blue... Teacher: - yes Priya... You are right... Where there is no atmosphere the sky would just appear dark. Student: - how does the sky appear from the Moon mam. Teacher: - Priya, since there is no atmosphere on moon the sky will appear dark... if we go to the higher space also; where there is no atmosphere the sky appears dark. Student: - Thank you mam. Now I understand clearly why the sky appears blue to our eyes. Mam I want to know what is pollution and greenhouse effect. Teacher: - Good Priya, you are very inquisitive... Its a good topic every one should know. Pollution means contamination. Air Pollution refers to the pollution in air beyond certain tolerable limits. Similarly water pollution refers to the pollution in water and noise pollution refers to the unbearable levels of noise emissions. Student: - how is pollution caused mam... Teacher: - As I said earlier, pollution is resulting mainly due to improper treatment of industrial waste waters and air emissions... This pollutes air and earth, effecting the ecological imbalance. Student: - Mam what is Greenhouse effect? Teacher: - This is the raise in temperature of the earth planet surface as a result of heat energy trapped by gases in atmosphere. The increased levels of CO2 through burning of fossil fuels form a cloudy layer which acts like the glass in a greenhouse. This effect is compounded by damage to the ozone layer. Priya , deforestation is also adding to this problem. Student: - Mam, what is that we should do to prevent the increase in Temperature due to greenhouse effect and reducing pollution. Teacher: - Priya, good question. Industries should treat polluting wastes scientifically and the Government should stress on standards prescribed. Planting trees, use of natural manures instead of chemical fertilizers, using of eco friendly fuels like ethanol with petrol and diesel and encouraging growth of bio-fuels will help minimize the pollution problems. Student: - Mm I am grateful to you today Ive learned several unknown things from you. Thanks so much. Teacher: - Welcome Priya, mention not Priya Its Ok. Its time to go out now. Take care.. .. Good day Bye Student: - Good day mam.. Thanks. ******************************************

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