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Podina leaves...
- Prof. venkata ramanamurty mallajosyula
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Podina leaves- Improves beauty and health Normally we all use Podina leaves for flavor, taste, in our food- stuff. Some even make Podina chatni. But inherently it has medical value and as such we can use it to improve health and as it has ample ingredients it will also improve beauty. The usefulness of Podina is brought out as shown below: 1.If one feels from one’s mouth chew the Podina leaves. Bad odor goes.. 2.Chlorofil in Podina, has antiseptic chemical. It kills bacteria in your mouth, and also ensures hard gums. 3.Some people have the problem of bleeding from gums. If you do gargle with boiled water with added podina leaves in the water , bleeding stops. 4The essence of Podina leaves mixed with honey is swallowed, digestion will improve and you will feel hungry too. 5.During summer dehydration occurs. If you chew Podina leaves, dehydration will slowly disappear. Usage during summer ensures no dehydration. 6.If your eyes are burning sensation or water comes out from eyes, keep Podina leaves over the eyes. After some time your eyes will be fine. 7.In winter season, due to cold it is possible to suffer from voice block and many times allopathic medicine does not cure and it may take very long time even. But in Podina essence add a bit of salt and gargle mixed with warm water the problem goes off quicker. 8.For head aches, rub the essence of Podina on your forehead. Head ache goes off. 9.If you feel heaviness in your tummy, mix Podina and soumf, boil in water. Drink the decoction. You will feel better certainly and you may even feel hungry too. 10.After placing the meals on a table, spread a cloth and put Podina on the cloth, then no flies / insects or mosquitoes will come. 11.If you grow Podina in your garden, nearby plants will be safer and no insets come near them. 12 Drop few Podina in the water and take bath. Blood circulation will improve. You will find that the body will be active. 13.For washing your face instead of soap and water, use water boiled with Podina leaves and wash your face .You will feel happy and blood pressure improves and your face will also shines. 14.Regular use of Podina essence over lips, will make the lips soft and turns your lips reddish. 15.Use of Podina decoction on cracked feet.You will find softness of your feet and cracks go away. 16.Some times you may have, pimples, spots or marks. By use of Podina paste they will vanish will be removed very quick. -Prof: Venkata Ramanamurty Mallajosyula

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