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Articles: My Experience
My earliest remembrances
- Prof. venkata ramanamurty mallajosyula
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Promotion, Compulsory - Hindi examination and 60 days Annual leave. 1.I was posted to Base workshop EME at Pune as a 2/Lt/. Very soon I could get a higher position in place of Major’s status only because I could do well and capable of doing such as material control officer ’status.. 2.When I was doing very well, Director General of EME (DG EME) came for an inspection. Commandant Base work shop put me in front of the DG EME, and I did well by briefing the General all points and he appreciated me and I am cleared for promotion to the Rank of a Captain only after I was to take up as Officer Commanding in my next unit. It was very rare. 3.There was no leave at all, as there was a ban for Annual leave. Adjutant whispered in my ear that” Army HQ cleared Annual Leave of 60 Days. One day Adj asked for my leave and Commandant said, that I should appear in the Compulsory Hindi test and should clear before asking leave. As the test is in the next week I went and did well in the exam. The next week I am told that I was failed and I will not get my leave. I went to the Adj and told him that I am a Sanskrit scholar from my 6 th standard to even till my Intermediate( solid 13 years ) and I feel some thing positively wrong some where. I am told since I am damn sure I should go to the Command HQ of Southern command Pune and meet the Education- officer. 4.I passed in the exam and even I was the topper in the Hindi compulsory exam. How it all happened I will explain. After I met the concerned officer of the Education wing and I told him that even if an exam is conducted in Sanskrit I can certainly pass .But I requested him to just look into the matter .After seeing the results he told me I did not make it and I could see a big zero only against one person and I could see the seat number, Then I said “Sir this is not my seat number and my seat number is 111.The number which you are looking is 121 which is not my number. Let me also put my signature or write in Hindi and you please compare with both the answer papers and I wrote 7 pages in the exam too. Please see the answer papers soon, because my leave is being cancelled.. Some how the officer saw both and clearly understood that there is a mistake .The person who failed is not you but some other officer who wrote only 2pages and I compared yours and seat allotted to you is 111 of Base work shop EME .It is you and I want to congratulate that not only you have passed but you are topper amongst entire southern command. Come tomorrow. ‘ I said Sir! if you tell me that I came as a topper, can you not just do me a favor by deleting the bad remark and show my merit now, He obliged , gave me a fresh report and soon I ran to unit and showed the fresh report to the Adj. He in turn told commandant about my Hindi exam result and immediately I was called me and congratulated me and casually said I can go on leave for one month. So I made the leave application. I was then advised by the Adj that I should put 60 days and it is up to the boss what he decides. I found with that without any hassle my leave of 60 days sanctioned and left for home the very next day.

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