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Where to invest in Hyd's realty?
- K N Simha
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Hi Friends, Its me again. I would like to bring to you about the developments that are happening around the International Airport and Fab City in Hyderabad. As all of you are aware that the work is in good progress in HIA (Hyderabad International Airport) and expected to be completed on time i.e. during the first quarter of 2008. Due to this several NRIs and other prominent people have invested their hard earned money in and around all these areas. We need to discuss few areas, which are very close to the HIA and ORR. As you know that the huge chunk of land around these prime developments like HIA, ORR & Fab City fall under Bio-conservation zone and HADA area. No residential, commercial permissions are given in Bio-conservation zone (Villages that are falling in 10Km radius from Himayat Sagar lake which are catchment areas declared as this zone) area except Agriculture, Floriculture, Horticulture and Poultry Industry. Other than these four industries no other industry will be given permission. You can see the list of villages in HUDAs (Hyderabad Urban Development Authority) website about the villages that are falling in catchment area of Himayat Sagar in this link give below: If you have invested your money in any of these villages lead you a waste investment. Similarly, there are some villages like Srinagar, Mamidipally, Mankhal, Gaganpahad, Tukkuguda, Raviryal, Adhibatla, Kongara Kalan, Saraswathiguda etc., fall under HADA Area. Any layout that is being developed in these villages must be approved by HADA (Hyderabad Airport Development Authority). If the layout is not approved by HADA and approved by only the local Gram Panchayat will also lead you to lose either your money/plot or lot of headaches with all government departments to regularize them. So, if you are planning for investments make sure that: 1. The area is not falling in the Catchment Area 2. The area is not in HADA (If so HADA Approved) 3. The Layout must be approved by HADA or DTCP. Now the actual question comes!! Have you invested in a right place? What are the places that are close to these developments? What are those areas in which the developments come after decades? Where to invest? We will discuss the hot areas where to put our money in my next article. Any queries contact me. Author: K N Simha Director Countryside Realtors India Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad.

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