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Articles: My Experience
Kundalini- Solace
- Mr. Narayana Dadibattini
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It was in 1990 when we shifted from Mumbai/took possession of our own flat in Virar. Since none of the other flats were occupied my wife became alone (confining to 4 walls) she developed schizophrenia disease due to which she started getting violent and attack picking with whatever things available. I never knew that it was a disease and it could be cured. I told my in-laws & my father, who, in turn told me once marriage is over it is your look-out. I got severe blows from her. Suddenly I got an intuition that I should tell God. Then I sat infront of altar and with the pain I thought of ending my life by closing my breath from both the nostrils. I lost my consciousness and my body became flat on the ground and I don't know how long I was in that state. When I woke up and saw there was a strange being in me and a very clear inner voice became audible to me (Lord Vishnu) and started guiding me in all respects, as if, steering has been given to a right man. My wife has regained strength due to Lord Vishnu's direction. I started coming out of my body (in a subtle form) and make astral trips to Himalayas every day. Once I came out of body and sat on a tree. My wife saw my body as lying dead and started sobing and took me to burial ground, when they were about to lit fire, I entered in my body and stood up and came home. From that day onwards I stopped making astral trip, if at all I go I used to tell people around not to cremate my body. Once Lord Indra had sent celestial damsels in a naked form (there is no sensor) to test my celibasy, shown lottery ticket number where I can earn Crores etc. Knowing that these are all trap from not being one with Supreme, I thrashed them out. After that Lord Vishnu used to appear in 4 hands with shank, Chakra etc., every day (bin bulaya mehman) and showed me Vishwasoopa Sandarshan which Lord Krishna showed to Arjuna. I am so happy and my joy has got no bounds. For the readers of this page I am giving simple technique of pranayama and nadi shodhana i.e., inhaling through right nostril (awakened suryanadi) hold for some time and when you are not comfortable, then applied pressure (using the holded air like air in the cycle pump) below your abdomen, which lifts your kundalini (dormant energy lying at the base of spine) and exhale through the other (left) nostril. To start with, do it 5 minutes and slowly increase the timing. There are innumerable experiences after awakening Kundalini which cannot be mentioned due to shortage of space. Any one can do this and achieve and I can guarantee you the results. It is so simple. You don't have to go to Himalayas or jungle -to learn siddhis from Sadhus. Doing samsara, you can always do it. It will burn all the sins from the past janmas and ultimately lead to salvation. I even, used to practice in moving train. I am luckey enough to get two gurus i.e., Mahaparameshwar Shri Jimmy Nagputhra (Yogiraj) and Mahaparameshwari Shri Gururani Nagkanya (Yogini) due to above. My aim of giving this through this page is to give best to the society which I have obtained accidentally. Through this anyone can reap the benefit and you too can take correct decision at all times since connection with supreme establishes instantly.

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