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Bapuji prays for...
- Prof. venkata ramanamurty mallajosyula
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In 40 days, I could not have become a graduate; not to speak of passing even one class. But I realized God in 40 days. The 40-day long intense aspiration of GOD - realisation brought me success. What a cheap bargain! King parikshita realized God in seven days. King Janaka had one foot in the stirrup and he realized God before he mounted the horse. Therefore, firmly resolve, 'I have to realise God in this life itself. I have to win love of the One, who does never desert me and whom I can not part with. Whether I get honour or dishonour, whether I get pleasures or pains, all these are transient. They come and go, but God is eternal.O Lord! You and I have a close and permanent relationship'. With these thoughts sit quiet for a while. If then the mind becomes beset with doubts such as , 'I am LUSTFUL, I am Hot-Tempered, I am Avaricious, I am Greedy, I am Foolish, I am Ignorant.....', simply tell the Lord again, 'O Lord! Good or bad, I am but yours'. Howsoever dirty or foolish the baby boy may be - he may have a running nose, he may be wearing dirty clothes, may not have taken bath for days - still if he calls out with an intense aspiration to find his mother, that does take him into her very lap. Similarly, your intense aspiration and cry for God-realisation would lead your sadhana into a stupendous phase of sublime glory. It will take you to the goal straight by air. This is absolutely certain. There will be bliss all the way for you.

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