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A competent teacher
- Prof. venkata ramanamurty mallajosyula
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Bhimsen, the king of Vilaspuri, returned to his kingdom, after traveling to his neighboring kingdoms on a good will visit. As soon as he arrived, he called aside his chief minister Vachaspathi and briefed him about his trip. ”I’ve a learnt a few things from my trip which are worth being adopted in our kingdom. First and foremost, I feel all our children are entitled to receive their basic education irrespective of caste and creed. What is happening now is that only some privileged children attend the gurukul and acquire knowledge. The situation should change. All children should get equal opportunities. For that purpose, I want to establish a school in our capital where our younger generation should receive their formal education; it’s doors should be open to all.” “It’s indeed a noble thought, your majesty!” said Vasaapathi. ”We shall fulfill your desire. All our children will be taught language and scrptures.” “I want them to be taught arithmetic, too! ”said Bhimsen. ”Knowledge of arithmetic is very important.” Soon a school was established in the capital and all willing parents sent their wards to the school. With every passing year, the number of pupils went on increasing. One day, when the king went for a personal supervision along with Vachaspathi, he observed that while most of the pupils were doing well in language and scriptures, their knowledge of arithmetic was not up to the mark. This worried the king who discussed the matter with his chief minister. “I’m surprised to find that in spite of very good teachers in arithmetic, the performance of the pupils is unsatisfactory. Can you tell me the reason?” Asked the King. ‘Your majesty, “replied Vachaspathi, “the teachers we’ve appointed are, no doubt, very competent. But it appears they are not capable of making the pupils grasp the subject. In my opinion, we’ve to look for a really competent teacher for that subject.”

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