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Telangana Demand
- Mr. ravi reddy ravuri
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What is Telangana? Separate Telangana is the demand of people who like to live with dignity and on their own terms and in control of their natural wealth and human resources. Telangana region is endowed with vast natural resources like unlimited coal deposits, granite, limestone and infinite river waters undulating landscape facilitating gravitational flow of irrigation, endless forest greenery, and fertile soils all in a salubrious climate. The capital Hyderabad is a fabulous jewel worthy of crowning mother India. The British crown itself was pygmy before the physical heritage of Telangana that made its rulers the richest of the world. Telangana peasant armed struggle and wars of its valiant people against the invaders in earlier centuries speak volumes of the valor of Telangana. Sammakka saarakka and the veera sivagals and countless tales of our people fighting for autonomy is the symbol Telangana people to fight for its place and control over its resources and lives. After independence Telangana is forcibly fused into Andhra to form Andhra Pradesh in 1956. This made Telangana an internal colony of Andhras who assumed the role of rulers and relegated the natives to subjects. All rivers in Telangana (Godavari flowing through the 79% geographical area and Krishna 69%) are diverted to Andhra region depriving Telangana of its legitimate share. External colonizers like the British, the Dutch or the Portuguese didnít and couldnít divert the river water wealth to their native land. This shows the internal colonizer is more diabolic than his external counterpart.

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