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The Law of Vibration
- Prof. 00782 Maverick
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The Law of Vibration states that all things can be considered to be vibrator in nature. In order for something to exist, it must have an internal 'aliveness', otherwise it would be a pure potential. This aliveness manifests by an internal movement within it. In other words, something completely motionless is an impossibility. The atomic model shows us that every atom is vibrating within itself, the electrons spinning about the nucleus, and so every atom may be considered to be a vibration. Quantum Mechanics has shown that subatomic particles also behave as waves, and these particles compose all matter and energy. A wave is simply a vibration, so everything in existence can be considered to be vibration in nature. For the purposes of this discussion, we will say that thought itself is a vibration. It can be considered to be a packet or quanta of energy. The Law of Vibration states that all things in existence have a unique energy signature, or footprint, which distinguishes one thing from another. No two things in the universe can have an identical energy signature, else they would be the same thing. This tells us that every single thing in this infinite universe is unique unto itself! For example, we can say that even though there are 5 apples in front of us, each apple is distinct. None of the 5 apples are precisely like the other four. This is true for anything, even ants! Or cells of the human body, all 10 trillion of them. If thought is a vibration, then a conscious being, through thought, is also a vibrational transmitter. We are also vibrational receivers. In the Universal Operating System, only activated vibrations are important. In other words, think of a tuning fork. In its deactivated state, a tuning fork has within it its own unique vibratory pattern, but a quiescent tuning fork sends forth no signal; however, when the tuning fork is struck, it emits its characteristic sound. A sound is a vibration, carried upon the molecules of the air. An activated thought is also a vibration, carried upon the universal energy of consciousness itself, which pervades the universe. This energy has been traditionally called chi, prana, or life force energy, and has been known and understood for thousands of years by many cultures. The implications of this are enormous, for a being may carry within him or her many different vibrations, but only the activated ones will have any effect.

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