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Before Interview
- Mr. sriramsusheel maganti
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An interview is an opportunity to put your best foot forward before a prospective employer. Unfortunately, most candidates do not indulge in any introspection before going for an interview. While it's important to prepare for common questions from the interviewer, here are the top six questions you need to ask yourself before showing up for any interview. 1. What are your skill sets and how do they apply to the job? Almost 80 percent of the candidates cannot identify and/ or describe desirable skills. A typical question is, 'What are your three greatest strengths?' Be ready with answers that include an example or brief experience to illuminate your point. Use specific examples to highlight your accomplishments. Explicit numbers, results and outcomes give a better description of your accomplishments than subjective statements. You could talk about your action-oriented nature helped the company meet a client-imposed deadline in your last job. 2. Are you a problem solver? Again, 90 percent candidates cannot answer 'problem' questions. You should be able to tell the interviewer why they should hire you and what the company will miss out on if they do not hire you. Show your ability to think logically and demonstrate problem-solving capabilities by asking questions and analysing the information given to you. 3. Have you researched the prospective organisation? Most candidates do not research companies for information and the problems they are facing. You should develop your own tactful suggestions for solutions without appearing to be a 'know-it-all.' Read trade magazines to learn more about the specific industry. You could also visit the company's website to get first hand information about their products/ services. Knowledge about the domain and the company shows the interviewer you are interested. It also demonstrates initiative on your part.

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