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Need to redefine ...
- Mr. VNS Raju Inapakutiki
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Need to redefine the role of Constituional Positions In this era of rapid changes the role and responsibilities of the constitutional authorities of India also need a thorough review and change. The cost effectiveness and the return on the investment of public money for the constitutional positions like President of India, CIJ, CAG and CEC, CVC, etc shall be put to a national debate and thereby a plan of action to set the Key Results to be achieved by these key constitutional positions. These positions shall come out from the frame work of being “Watch Dogs” and become the “Catalysts”. Enough of “watching” has been done and Indians expect these positions to “act” now. I heard several comments on the visits of Dr. Kalam to various schools in nook and corner of the country. Expect giving a presidential address that is embedded with his own poetry, own vision for India, Dr. Kalam could not make any effort to add value to the process of schooling in India. We are country that has several systems of schooling, schooling for the rich and poor, middle class and upper middle class. If a child has to go in the middle of the academic year to another state, it is impossible for that child to pursue the same syllabus and same exam schedules and vacation times. Children of this country are deprived of basic human rights to meet their kith and kin due to lack of uniform system of education in our country. This is not being considered as a problem at all and every one is happy with whatever is happening. I have the following issues in my mind that always surface every time I read about our constitutional positions. As a President of India how many Individuals have so far done the following: · Obtain feedback from the people · Advice govt to act on the feedback · No. of instances where the Presidential Intervention helped take a strategic decision · As an appointing authority of various top positions what was the assessment of the President of the performance of the people holding these top positions? · How many times the President and the VP, The President, VP and Governors met to share and suggest to the respective governments on the issues that impact the lives of the people of India in a very significant way? · How many President’s so far have leveraged their constitutional role and added value to the position?

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