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Future of Telugu
- Ramesh Tade
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Telugu is the second largest speaking language in India. Since the begining of our culture, this is the period our ancestor's heads hang in shame. The current sorry state of our language is primarily because of the following: 1. Media- Movies: Telugu people are loaded with tamil dubbing movies and dubbing serials in Gemini TV. Our heroes and producers are after tamil films and are ever ready to dub any damn movie. Naturally our movie freak telugu people accept everything whereas we could count our telugu movies dubbed in tamil and are successful. They never accept other than tamil. Our megastar wants tamil stories, directors, choreographers etc... he even pays taxes to tn and not to AP. We made him rich and he contributes to tn revenues. Our great producers bring anything and everything tamil dubbed into telugu.. they want tamil heros, heroins, directors., actors...etc.Our people spend their lives watching dubbed gemini TV serials and dubbed movies. 2. Media - Newspapers : Our papers instead of contributing to Telugu language, use and promote all tamil. Infact a number of websites including Greatandhra, always uses the words like 'arangetram' and may not know telugu words ('rangapravesham'). A language greatness derives from his contribution to world vocabulary whereas our people(journalists) are ignorant of our own culture. 3. Education : Our great politicians think English as compulsory and degraded Telugu to last. Our youngsters does not know anything about classical dance or classical music. People talk of bharatanatyam when you speak of classical dance. People attribute all the credit to tamils even the pillars of carnatic music are Telugu and Telugu was the dominant langugae used in classical songs. 4. Politics : AP contributed a lot in the formation of govt at center. But we did not get any benefit. Dmk with minor support captured a number of key ministries and always managed to get everything they want for their state. They got the classical status to their language and are successful in stopping giving the same to telugu. They managed to divert all the multinationals to tn like nokia, samsung, motorola, ford etc...Our politicians care more about their seats than for the state. They ignored classical singers and dancers .. they migrated to other places. They never promoted classical in the state. They think cinema is classical. 4. People : Our people should wake up to the reality. When others cannot support your language, why do we support them. Why do we have to bear the things that are dumped on us. Why dont we just give tit for tat.We do we go craze over tamil dub movies, serials, actors, dorectors etc... just boycott. Show our telugu pride and restore our cuture and mothertongue.

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