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Women Warriors
- Ms. Nayana D
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RANI LAXMIBAI OF JHANSI (1834 - 1858) Rani Laxmibai's courage, deeds of valour and heroic battle against the British have become the theme of many a folklore and ballad in the country. She is the immortal warrior the country has ever seen. Even as a child Laxmibai learnt horse riding and sward fighting. When both her husband Raja Gangadhar Rao of Jhansi and her only son died in 1853 she adopted a son and made him the heir to the throne. The British Governor General Dalhousie refused to recognize her adopted son as heir to the throne and ordered annexation of Jhansi into British Raj. Rani Laxmibai refused to part with Jhansi. A fierce fight ensued. The Rani fought the British undauntedly leading her forces from the front and showed great courage and skill. She was fatally wounded in the battle and she breathed her last on 18-06-1858. KITTUR RANI CHENNAMMA (1778 - 1829) Chennamma received training in horse riding, sword fighting and archery in her young age. She was married to Raja Mullasarja of Kittur, a princely state of Belgaum in Karnataka. Her husband died in 1816. Her only son died in 1824. Chennamma adopted Shivalingappa as her son and made him heir to the throne. The British did not accept this and ordered the expulsion of Shivalingappa. The Rani defied the order. A great battle ensued. The Rani fought the British with great courage and skill. She could not, however, hold out for long. She was taken captive and lodged in Bailhongal Fort where she died on 21-02-1829. RANI DURGAWATI When Dalpat shah, the ruler of Gondwana (present day Madya Pradesh), died in 1548 his infant son Bir Narayan become the ruler. Rani Durgawati took up the reins of governance on behalf of her son and administered the Kingdom most ably and benevolently for 16 years from 1548 to 1564. Gondwana, however, fell a victim to the aggressive designs of the Moghal Emperor Akbar of Delhi in 1564. He ordered his general Asaf Khan to occupy Gondawana. Rani Durgawati led her forces against the invading army and fought with great skill and bravery. Ultimately when her defeat become imminent she plunged her dagger into herself choosing death to dishonour.

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