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Naveen’s Ampasayya
- Dr. Rajeshwar Mittapalli
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Young Men at Crossroads: Naveen’s ‘Stream of Consciousness’ Campus Novel AMPASAYYA Telugu literature can boast of more than 30,000 novels of different descriptions. If we select the greatest one hundred among them, Naveen’s Ampasayya will certainly figure among the top ten. This novel initiated, and continues to serve as a prototype of, an important trend in Telugu fiction, namely the stream of consciousness narrative mode. Ampasayya enjoys immense popularity among the Telugu reading public. It appeared at a time when, in order to cater to the voracious hunger for novels, writers were churning out substandard stuff and passing it off as fiction. Especially in the hands of the women novelists (who almost monopolized Telugu fiction then) this genre of literature degenerated into a commodity, and touched the very nadir in terms of artistic values and social consciousness. The ‘novels’ authored by these women, with rare exceptions, were stereotypical and had predictable developments, clichéd characters and formulaic endings. They purveyed dreamy stuff that invariably misled young readers into having unrealistic expectations from life. Against this background Ampasayya appeared on the Telugu literary scene as a fresh breeze of change, breaking the stereotypes and initiating new trends in every possible area of novel writing.

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