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Articles: Folklore
Folk Tales of Telangana
- Dr. Rajeshwar Mittapalli
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The study of folk literature is essential to understand the life and philosophy of the rural masses who constitute the great majority of Indian population. The beauty of their hearts, and their aspirations, beliefs and convictions are codified in the folk tales, legends, songs and stories. This oral literature embodies the hoary wisdom accumulated over hundreds and thousands of years. For the simple villagers the orature provides active social and spiritual guidance, offers a practical philosophy of life, and sets before them models and ideals for emulation. Telangana, which consists of the ten northern districts of Andhra Pradesh, is very rich in speech genres and folk narrative traditions. Prior to Independence, for various historical reasons, the people of Telangana led a secluded life which resulted in the evolution of a distinct folk culture of their own. This region has not gone through the same phases of cultural transformation as the rest of Andhra Pradesh. Even to this day there is a touch of primitive freshness about life in Telangana. Added to this, a relative lack of individualism, strong community bonds and the unselfconscious, spontaneous and emotional nature of the people have contributed a great deal to the growth of the folk arts including the narrative arts. Often sentiments like great good fortune reaching the audience or the patrons are attached to the performance of these arts. Thus even superstition played a role in nurturing them.

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