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An urgent need
- Mr. VNS Raju Inapakutiki
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We are used to find solutions to problems in a round about way rather than preventing the problems in the first place. Our current system of education in the country is a classic example and proves to the entire world how complex adults we are. Consider this: Govts alter school times to avoid traffic rush govts amends RTA rules so that the school buseses are safe Govts bring in legislation to control schools and grant permissions Govt prescribes various norms as a response to the problems surfaced from time to time in controlling the schools. All these things can be avoided if we are mature enough adults to guarantee a joyful learning experience to our children the future of this country by doing the following. All that we need is a 'chitta Suddhi' to do the following: Over a period of time - that is not so long as a court case can come to a logical conclusion in this coutnry - guarantee that: Each locality shall have sufficient number of schools / colleges operating in the same vicinity so that children can get admission and avoid travelling by bus. This must be made a compulsory regulation. The school looks like a school and does not operate in any commercial locality. The school has all the facilities like a playground etc. There is a common syllabus for all schools in the country with a state specific text book and three bhasha principle. All schools follow common timings(baring some due to climatic differences) for schooling, exams, vacation, holidays, etc. All schools function 5 days a week. No child shall be denied admission into a school that is nearer to her physically. All the problems can be solved and many lives of the innocent children can be saved- for our inefficiency and apathy sofar - with the above Nation wide common rules for all educational institutions. Hope some mature enough adults who are in the influencial roles pay attention to the above critical issues. -- A parent.

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