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Articles: Life in AP
Life In AP!
- Mr. VNS Raju Inapakutiki
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The life in AP is influenced by the following factors these days and if any one wants to influence this factors positively the life here gets on the way to become humane, healthy, joyful and prosperous: Open toilets welcome us as we enter or exit any village One needs an mask to prevent the filthy air from entering the nostrils Open drainage system - a primitive way - still rules the thoruoghfares in villages and small towns Mega cobweb like electrical wiring system that responds very actively to any small change in the wind or any amount of rain -meaning no power on all times when it rains All the roads are dug for laying cables and no one cares to make them good. All roads in the cities and residential areas have very bumpy speed breakers Every one jumps the redsignal and no sense of traffic. Development shemes start with a big bang and their progress and quality are always questionable Voter Identy card and Ration Card are two most often issued cards in the country. The system of issuing them is always erronious, full of mistakes, incomplete and yet very costly and always plagued with insufficient staff. We spread garbage on all vacant places and there is no periodic and meticulous clearance of garbage. Garbage piles up and in posh localities like Vivekananda Nagar you can see pigs, dogs digging the piled up and stinking garbage. No public utility toilets in localities and traders and shopowners need to make own facilties or resort to open places All our railway stations welcome us on to the Platform with a stinking smell emanating from the rail tracks down. All our buses wear a very dirtiest look - the citybuses in twin cities are the ugly examples of public transport.

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