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Festival of Fireworks!
- Mr. VNS Raju Inapakutiki
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Many adults who read this posting agree that we have been using the same old variety and type of fireworks for decades and there isn't enough improvement in their quality, quantity, size and power. We continue to read about more or less same number of accidents, failures due to poor quality, injuries, etc on the eve of Deepawali. there is hardly any innovation in the way the items for fireworks are being made. Taking a cue from Toy industry in our coutry that has witnessed the death of Leo toys, Chandamama Toytronics, I feel that when China enters the fireworks business and exports to us, then our own Fireworks industry would have a death blow. This is the status. Take for instance the guns being used by our children as their favourite deepawali fireworks item. There is hardly any innovation in the way the guns are made. In fact the quality and and the length of the rollcaps are being reduced year on year. Probably when corporate business houses enter the fireworks industry things might change and improve. Till then we need to have the same old things to buy and burn. ITC Ltd which is very serious of improving their non-tobbacco business can enter into the Firework Industry and create history of sorts. Lets hope that other than Standard Fireworks we will be able to see more standard companies to enter into this Industry and improve. Our govt is good at releasing ads pleading the people not to burn crackers that create sound pollution. If the govt is so serious about sound pollution, why can't it ask the units to stop making and selling in the first place, rather than asking people not to use the things that are freely availalbe in the market. this is the wisdom of our govt. On the eve of Deepawali we in India burn money. The Fireworks industry is a producer of black money. It is unbelievable to note that an item priced Rs.45/- is being sold at Rs.15/- by a retain vendor. You can imagine the real cost price of this item and the margins eaten by several other middle men. The fireworks industry is the most unorganised and most primitive type of industry in terms of its production capacity, quality and size. For several decades we have been allowing this INdustry to function like this. IT is high time that this industry be infused with fresh talent, thinking, approach that ensure safe and qualitative products to our consumers at a price that is competetive like that of soaps and toothpastes. Lets hope that this Deepawali makes this happen -- IVNS Raju

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