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Women in our life
- Mr. Bujjodu
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She is in our life since we exist. The care, the love. the affection she gave as a mother. Mother! she feeds us even she has nothing to feed herself. She can stand against any kind of a obstacle to protect us if the sky is falling. We are certain the mother will hide us under her. And will accept the sky fall on her so as not to let us be hurt. I once witnessed a mother's eyes full of tears holding a baby. She wanted to feed but could not feed as her breast was dry as she had neither eaten nor drank for days. The heart is torn to pieces watching such scenes... The power Almighty has given to woman is exceptional BEING A MAN I HAVE LEARNT THROUGH LIFE THAT WE, MEN, DON'T HAVE THAT ESPECIAL FORCE WHICH A WOMAN HAVE. The patience a woman have is especial, the way a woman cares is especial, the way a woman loves is ESPECIAL.. We men, may be physically strong. But we fail to the interior STRENGTH which a woman do possess. God knows why he has created woman to be our partner... it's because we MEN are INCOMPLETE WITHOUT WOMAN. She wakes up earlier than men in the morning. She does all the house chores when we are still snoring on bed. She comes to wake us up several times and we keep on turning sides on the bed. She then gets ready for work after getting all kids ready after finishing the chores... while we men just wake up and after tea get ready for work... The whole day the woman keeps busy working... And that also she is sincere in her work be it at the office, factory, shop or field! Everywhere woman works, the work quality is better.

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