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Life in Hyderabad
- Mr. VNS Raju Inapakutiki
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Hyderabad is No.28 costliest city in Asia. Seeing this in the news papers, one of the real estate businessman released the following ad the next day: Buy land very nearer to one of the Asia's costliest city. You land too will become costlier soon. Shamsabad international airport picture figured in many real estate brochures with flights taking off and flying over the tall buildings. who an airport is related to realestate business is a fact that God only knows. Many wish to be away from airport due to eventualities, noice pollution, etc. Our real estate business men in Hyderabad have used the pictures of Inernational airport and sold several plots. A simple news about a bridge, a road or a flyover being planned will make our real estate business man to hike the prices of lands near such bridge, flyover or the road. Outer ring road plan has helped many sell several plots. I wonder why a mere plan on making Uppal free from bad smell emanating from moosi and an annoucement of money outlay for such plan would make Uppal and surrounding areas land more dear. If one finds the current status of civic facilities in the so called greater hyderabad, it surprises many to know the land rates. I also wonder the way The Hindu religiously publish 'No power areas in the city'. In the name of this the Transco is publishing its inefficient way of managing the electricity transmission system in the city! Through out the year we would not get no power twice or thrice sometimes even more times just for the sake of non-availability of manpower to rectify the mistake in the transmission. Our streets in the freshness of early morning welcome the open domestic garbage collection vehicles being pulled by young children with no aprons, no handgolves and no gum shoes. OUr streets wear a look that is dotted by rug pickers, pigs, filth, badly damaged roads, chopped off trees whose branches touch the electric wires. we find 7 seaters / autos and two wheelers blocking the free flow of traffic at all places in the city. We find city buses that are very dirty and old but yet fully packed with commuters. We find govt building fly overs at places where there is not much traffic but leaving the places like Balangar Cross roads, boinpally, tadbund, etc.

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