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Dear President of India
- Mr. VNS Raju Inapakutiki
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As a common man of Hyderabad, can I expect you to do the following and thereby do justice to the money that has already been spent to upkeep the Rastrapati Bhavan in Hyderabad, your journey from New Delhi to by a Chartered Flight and the money going to be spent on your stay, your visits and the perennial security that surround you and your beloved husband. On the top of all this expense that my sisters and brothers of India and I bear for your winter stay, many citizens of this Greater Hyderabad are going to be subjected to traffic jams, traffic diversion and consequently many other inconveniences due to your visits to many places in the city during your stay. Thanks for this great service as a President of India you are rendering to the Nation. In case you find time and mind, I suggest you to consider doing this: Make a surprise visit to : - An Indiramma House in and around the city - A Govt Hospital and see its condition - A state govt run primary school and a police station - A state govt office and a traffic junction like Balanagar x roads - A commonerís house in the cityís slums - A drinking water distribution facility I am sure you will feel the life of Hyderabad in this winter. You can make these visits without making any disturbance to the civic life of the city by choosing times that are not peak for officer goers and students. Having made these visits suggest to the Govt of AP or the Govt of India things to do and appoint a few of your staff members to do the strict follow up of the actions being taken by the concerned govts / departments. Thus you can add a substantial value to the citizens of this City. Do you think when the inmates of the govt hostels for BC, SC and ST Hostels sleep with no proper warm clothes, no proper food and sanitation; when many beggars are seen at traffic junctions seeking the help of the people waiting for the Green light to glow; and when you see several children of the school going age work in restaurants and small business units, you as a President of India can have a pleasure trip at the cost of the same people.

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