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chukkalu kalipina peggu
- Malakpet Rowdy
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“None of your galfriends boss! Don’t worry, it’s only a guy” and quickly added “Now, don’t assume anything scandalous about this, okay?” – still remember the day on rediff chat when someone asked me “Hey Do you have any info on Hyderabadi Call Girls?”, for which I responded “Come on boss, I don’t come here for gals” and then he shot back saying “Oh! You come here for guys, is it? Ha, Ha, Ha! Now I know what you are!” - Didn’t want such a thing to happen again Managed to get up finally cussing my wife whoz good ten and half hours away from me, leaving me alone in the company of a bachelor boy. I then packed up my luggage, got ready and reached my office and enquired about the scheduled departure of the bus to Tirupati that day. “Here is your ticket Sir!”, the office boy walked into my cabin,”you gotta board a mini bus at Lakdi-ka-pool at 7:00 and get into the Volvo thingie at the Zoo Park.”. For a moment I wondered whether he considered me to be a part of the Zoo. By the time I finished my Daily chores, I realized itz 5:30pm. Attended a couple of calls and was about to pack up at 6:00 when my colleague dropped a bombshell – “Boss this guy is creating problems. Could you please resolve this?” I knew it would take a good 3 hours if I involve myself completely, but then it was a crisis situation. Called up my head in the US and apprised him of everything and told him what needed to be done. “Why don’t you do it yourself?” he asked “Could U please go there and resolve it personally?” I knew if I did that I would miss the opportunity to meet more people who would add up to my score of 89 chat friends I already met in person (At the time of posting this article, the count is 96 ... four more chatters to meet, to complete a rare Century!), but couldn’t really decide what to do. By then it’s 6:30 and Bobby has already arrived to see me off and take the car back home. After 15 minutes I told my guys that I had to leave for Tirupati that day and I would resolve the issue over telephone, but they insisted I needed to be there and 15 more minutes were lost before I convinced them. Tension started building up at the very thought of me missing the bus – had it happened I would have confined myself to my home, watching Graeme Smith maul the Indians at the Eden Gardens – but I called up the travel agent and was lil relaxed when he told me that the pick-up van would be delayed. Finally managed to get into the van and finally the bus and parked myself in my seat. Then came this call from my guys “Hey there is another issue, can we talk now?” I said “Yes” and it took me more than a hour to come out of that call that comprised of fights, allegations, counter allegations and what not. By the time I finished the call I realized I reached Jadcharla. Watched that Tamil movie “Minnale” for a while and went to sleep, only to be woken up by the driver saying “Sir, the bus broke. It will get delayed by a few hours – would u mind taking the other bus to Tirupati?” pointing to another bus. I was lil confused since all the Chennai passengers were sitting pretty and only the Tirupati passengers were asked to get down. But then, I trusted his words and no sooner did I got into the other bus than I noticed this bus zooming past me. I was kinda puzzled but didn’t care since there was no one in the seat next to me and I knew I could catch some good sleep.

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