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Raghavendra fete in Aucland
- Mr. Bhuvanendra Bhupala
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‘Sri Guru Raghavendra Bhakti Prachara Peetha’ Celebrates --ARADHANA 2008 “SRI RAGHAVENDRA SWAMY’S 337th ARADHANA-2008” ('Shravana-Bahula-Vidiya')was Celebrated with great enthusiasm and festivity by a group of ardent devotees of ‘Sri Guru Raghavendra Bhakti Prachara Peetha (SGRBPP), Auckland’ on the 17th August 2008 at Mt. Roskill Intermediate School, Auckland(NZ). Readers may please recall that SGRBP PEETHA was formally inaugurated on the 7th June 2008 by Dr. Aralumallige Parthasarathy (A Scholar of International repute) with the objective of establishing 'Sri Raghavendra swamy's Brindavana in Auckland besides other charitable objectives to benefit the community. Sri Raghavendra Swamy is said to be the divine incarnation of the great ‘Bhakta PRAHLADA’ who belonged to the ‘KRITA YUGA’, instrumental in spreading ‘Narayana Bhakti’ to the Universe & bringing harmony to the human lives. The Saint ‘Sri Raghavendra [1595-1671] belonged to the 16th century, born in Tamilnadu, India, the homeland of divine miracles and rich spiritual heritage, called ‘Sanatana Dharma’. He took to ‘Saint Hood’ at the age of 21 and lived a humble life besides being the greatest scholar in Vedic Studies & endowed with un-paralleled healing powers in the history. He also had the power of clairvoyance, a rare gift which only divine blessed ones can possess. His mission was to spread 'HARI BHAKTI' that ultimately leads the soul to the eternal heaven (A state of permanent ecstacy). Millions all over the world of all faiths were recipients of the saint’s healing help and spiritual enlightenment. Noted among some celebrated recipients were, Mrs. Volga C. Mega of VeneZuela (wife of the then FORD Motor Company Owner, South American Automobile Company) and Sir Thomas Munroe, Governor, Madras Presidency of Erstwhile East India Company (in British India) in the 20th Century. In 1671 at the age of 76 ‘Sri Raghavendra Swamy’ entered live into the ‘Brindavana’ (Tomb exclusively designed by swamy himself) at ‘Mantralayam’ a small village in Adoni Taluq of the state of Andra Pradesh in South INDIA and is alive in it even today out of sight to the mundane world(A concept beyond scientific understanding). He would be in deep meditation for several centuries to protect the mankind on this planet. His radiance can be felt by very many even today.His 'ARADHANA' is a big event at Mantralaya for three days where thousands of devotees from all parts of INDIA come and participate. His deity is Lord ‘Sri Rama’ who is the 7th of the TEN manifestations (Avtaar) of the Supreme energy (Lord VISHNU), who appeared in this terrestrial world to destroy the evil and re-establish righteousness. Thousands of pilgrims visit the holy place, Mantralayam in Andhra Pradesh, India, each day throughout the year to have the saint’s grace for alleviation of their day to day ordeals in their lives. In Auckland, this is the sixth year in succession that such a function is held by a small group of devotees with much dedication, devotion and well organized manner. The function started at 8:30 AM with a formal chanting of the guru’s ‘Ashtottharam’, and group singing of Bhajans lead by Srikant Kolli/satyakumar/venky/Chetan and Prof.M.K.Vamana Murthy.

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