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‘Carnival Holiday’
- Mrs. sharmila Sanka
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Cruising? It was a dream come true. I was so very excited when my friends asked my family to join them for a vacation to Mexico on ‘Carnival Holiday’ cruise. The day awaited had at last come. We, a group of 3 close families kicked off our journey to Mexico from Alabama port in U.S.A. We checked in our baggage and entered the ship. We were allotted a room in the middle portion of the ship which made us feel lucky. The movement of the ship wouldn’t be too much there which wouldn’t cause us ocean sickness. The rooms were pretty good with all the facilities. We opted for an ‘Ocean view’ room in order to have a better view of the ocean even while sitting in our rooms. It was a 5 night cruise package. The first day we went inside the ship at 1430 and we were asked to go to the buffet section to treat ourselves with a snack. After the snack, all the passengers had to assemble in the Casino for instructions on how to use the Life jackets in case of an emergency. Our ship moved at 1600 sharp. Then we went around the ship for a while with the air playing hide and seek with our hats. It was so breezy but it was fun too. We took some pictures and whiled away some time going through all the 12 floors in the ship. It was time for dinner. We went inside the restaurant with formal dress up. We were lucky to have an Indian chef in the ship. The Indian food was so tasty and pleasing. We went to the auditorium for some shows and also played the game called Bingo (called ‘Housie’ in India). Some lucky people won the Bingo for $500 and even $1000 every day. We attended some night shows and then we were off to sleep. Our second day started off with our breakfast buffet. Then we enjoyed in the swimming pool, lying down on a water slide which would make us turn around the hoop on and on and then suddenly drop us in to the swimming pool. It was really fun. Lido buffet section was 24 hours open with fresh food. Any kind of pizza we ordered was ready in 6 minutes any time be it day or night.

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