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Articles: Devotion
Bhrigu Maharshi
- Prof. venkata ramanamurty mallajosyula
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Brighu Maharshi (Son of Varuna ) –Tests Brahma, Siva & Vishnu. 1.Brighu tests Lord Brahma: In Sathyaloka, Brahma and Saraswathi were seated on a golden throne. Assemled there were Maharishis, Devarishis, Rajarishis and BrahmaRishis on one side and Suras, Yakshas, Garuda, Gandharva, Kinnara, and Kimpurushas on the other side. Brahma was addressing them He was explaining them Vedas. Just then, there arrived Brighu. He glanced the audience and even without saluting Brahma proudly occupied the throne. Every body present, were happy at Brighu’s visit. But none appreciated his negligence towards Brahma. They considered it a wilful haughty act. Brahma felt that he was put to shame. He could not tolerate. He grew wild. His eyes reddened. In an angry tone He burst out: ”Brighu, you belong to the same race as I before. By dint of your great penance, you have acquired many powers. I expected you to behave well. But I never thought you would be so much a fool. Do you think you are greater than any of the Maharshi’s in this court? Are you greater than Sage Atri’s wife-Anasuya, the chaste woman, who converted the Trmurthis as babies. Are you greater than Goutma, who cursed Devendra? Are you more powerful than Jamadagni?” Brighu immediately got down from the throne. He thought, “How uncourteous Brahma is! Only those with Rajo guna should possess such temperament .He is not fit for the yagna gift. ”Addressing Brahma he said” O Lord, you never tried to understand why I came here. You unnecessarily rebuked me. Therefore, you hold this my curse: You will not have any temples on earth and none will worship you.” He then marched on to Kailash. 2.Brighu curses Lord Siva: Kailash is a silver mountain. It is the abode of Lord Siva. Siva is also known as Maheswar. One day Nandeeswara , Bringeeswara, Chandeeswara and all other disciples were chanting the names of Lord Siva and the entire mountain was echoing with those prayers. All were absorbed in the chanting. At that time Brighu came there. He was directly proceeding into the Siva’s apartment. That was a Private room. And Siva was in company with his wife, Parvathi . But Brighu was warned by the guards near the entrance not to enter into that room. Brighu did not heed their warning. He entered in. At that time Siva and Parvathi were in privacy. Siva got wild. He burst out: ”You Brighu, you belong to the same race as the creator. You have learnt the Vedas You have done great penance and acquired more powers. Still you have not learnt decency. You are lacking in manners. It is a shame on your part to be so”. So saying, He took his tri-sool to aim at Brighu. But Parvathi intervened and stopped Him Siva was soon calmed. It was now Brighu’s turn .He grew angry at Siva. He said “Maheswara, Siva, Sankara, even without knowing the reason for my coming here, you were to aim your tri-sool at me. Therefore you hold this my curse-“You will be worshipped in temples on the earth in the shape of only ’Linga’ instead of your real shape. ”Saying so, Brighu lerft the place and proceeded to Vaikuntam. 3.Brighu kicks Maha Vishnu on his chest: Vaikuntam is a very beautiful place. It is here Maha Vishnu, who is also known as Sri Hari or Narayana, lives with his consort, Lakshmi. Lakshmi is the God of wealth. Wealth flows only from here. So this place always gives a matchless festive appearance. One day, Maha ishnu was resting on the serpant bed (Sesha Sayanam) in the ocean of milk. Lakshmi was sitting near his feet and servicing him pressing his legs with her tender hands. Brighu had already finished testing Brahma and Siva.He found them either of Rajo or Thamo guna and hence unfit to receive the benefit og the yagna.Hence, only Vishnu now remained to be tested. Thinking so, he reached Vikuntam. -Prof: Venkata Ramanamurty Mallajosyula

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