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Telugus can dominate in this world
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Posted by: Ms. wqwqwq wqwqwq At: 14, Jul 2018 8:51:02 AM IST
Good comment on domination; This is the word misleading whole AP.

Posted by: Mr. M Kumar N At: 19, Sep 2004 7:06:39 PM IST
If you do your best towards your goals and wishes which will not harm the society, automatically you will get good support and respect from your family.... Your relatives and friends will follow the same... I believe same formula will help "Telugus can dominate in this world". But, I doubt the word " Domination".. This is what no one is ready to accept. Win the world, people and thier hearts with your great goals, industry toward achieving world class things. Some body is not coming to me and joining me is not the rt comment, even your little son will not come to you, if you have ntn in hand to do... I observed here some postings like... live like slave, master..etc... I dont think, it is the positive way of discussing things.. If you sit idle, no one need to make you slave. Finally, I would like to say here... Telugu people are doing their best in the world. so many great people and great things happend in the past, happening now and will happen in future. It will not possible to happen overnight like in movies. Please be optimistic and stay connected and do thy duty. Tomorrow will be definitely better than today's life. If you keep on working towards great goals.

Posted by: Mr. Bosu Avunoori At: 16, Sep 2004 8:24:28 PM IST
If the telugu culture is accpted by the first and second world. 1. If someone weras a dhothi naturally it's our pride as well as domination. 2. If someone learns kuchipudi and presents in the rest of the world. 3. If someone does a puupet show better than us. 4. If someone writes, speaks, and read Telugu naturally we are doing better than us. 5. If someone celebrates our festivals, what more yu expect. Of course there is big list to add.

Posted by: Mr. M Kumar N At: 16, Sep 2004 7:53:27 PM IST
I agree with Jogarao. Why should we even think about domination? Yugaa, /*Do you think ,that art ,architecture would have been possible ,if not for the imperialistic powers ? */ Are you trying to talk about "positive" points of imperialism? I wont argue with you on that. As arundathi roy said " debating imperialism is talking about the pros and cons of a rape".

Posted by: Ms. swapna CCCP At: 16, Sep 2004 9:40:35 AM IST
Jews has to agree for telugu's domination in India first.

Posted by: Mr. M Kumar N At: 15, Sep 2004 6:23:33 PM IST
Mr. Sarcastic Saint garu..edo 'sarcasm' pandincheyalani taptraya paduthunnara enti?? Dominate cheyyakarledu ante..'salves' ga padundalani ardam kadu..

Posted by: Mr. Vinay Kumar Nooka At: 6, Sep 2004 8:14:45 PM IST
Peruguta viruguta korake; Up and downs. Kabhi uuuupar kabhi neeeeeeche. Prepare for the best and for the worst also. Accept it.

Posted by: Mr. M Kumar N At: 6, Sep 2004 7:01:45 PM IST
This caption for discussion itself gives a hint abt egoistic nature of people. Anyone who won the heart of everyone is the one who loves all without a hint of ego!So this very idea of domination is a wrong approach to get an edge over others!

Posted by: Mr. jogarao pilla At: 4, Sep 2004 11:00:20 AM IST
Yugandhar garu, felt very happy to know that you are trying your best on your opinions and principles. Good Luck. But you need not be discouraged. Based on Vajpayee's suggestion, Indian Associations in America are united. Though they work individually they will form ideals unitedly. They formed an eight membered committee to look over the integration. I don't agree with Mr. Chandrasekhar. Andarro kalavaru anedi abaddham. ee busy life lo they can't spare time. ante. It doesn't mean that they are not willing. If people who can work and start, tappakundaa migataa andaroo join avutaaru. Asalu meeru already establish ayina vaallani kaakundaa, youth ni approach avvandi. Since they are single, and have no responsibilities and being young, they really contribute. After this youth got enough plans and proper idea, then arrange a meeting, advertise it and then invite big gaints. Surely you get the positive response. The only thing is we must show that the idea will work and we must make the others believe it. I don't know Economics and I am also not a professional, so I can't do anything in this regard. Sorry. But I wish to watch the progress

Posted by: Ms. Prasanthi Uppalapati At: 4, Oct 2002 12:47:23 PM IST
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