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Posted by: Mr. yedida pralayasimha At: 13, Mar 2018 2:20:35 AM IST
How to get a job in Singapore. How r the oppurtunities. does any one has a list of consultants who recruit no-singapore citizens.Kindly help.

Posted by: Mr. Mahendra rao At: 6, Apr 2004 9:38:58 AM IST
Hi, I am working in singapore since 2yrs. Its great to say, m working here. But leaving parents and friends.. i feel its not an easy joke. Especially like singapore countries, its very difficult. bcoz, enjoyment is very less. Everyone in singapore is very busy with their works.. so no time to meet friends also sometimes... Anyway has to work.......... ie singapore

Posted by: Mr. Baratam Gopinadh At: 23, Aug 2003 1:15:43 AM IST
Hi all, hey anyone knows how to get a visitor visa for singapore??? i'm at US and wann visit S'pore on my way to india , any info about this will be appriciated. --

Posted by: Mr Telugu Tejam At: 26, Apr 2002 0:05:11 AM IST
hai i am narender reddy studying in germany.now i am doing my Msc in stuttgart univ.

Posted by: Mr narender reddy mitta At: 25, Apr 2002 10:42:57 PM IST
I am fairly happy in Singapore. I am working in the National University of Singapore and am quite happy here. The university is a great place to work and has excellent facilities. Singapore itself is quite limited for recreation but Malaysia is less than an hour away and has some of the best beaches in the world. Another good thing is that one gets excellent south Indian food here. Despite all this, I am leaving later this year for my PhD (probably going to MIT or Chicago, though I am still waiting for other universities to reply) to the US as the reputation of the universities there is much higher and the size of the research community is much, much larger.

Posted by: Mr Srikant Marakani At: 22, Feb 2002 5:23:43 PM IST

Posted by: Mr srikhar saluri At: 20, Nov 2001 0:01:28 AM IST
Singapore is a nice place for business.IT's a small place in world map ,one dot is too much space to indicate it.Who is working from out side singapore for them it is like a jail.No holidays for foreign workers.Only very few days.For singaporeans also same -their life is also only if they have some income they can stay here.

Posted by: Mr. Venu Pavuluri At: 12, Nov 2001 6:43:10 PM IST
All telugu people please share your experiences here

Posted by: Mr. Venu Madhav Kilarapu At: 31, Aug 2001 5:14:04 PM IST
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